Rats in My Room (Animals Challenge)

Songs Played

  • Jiminy Cricket, The Merry Mouseketeers* And The Mickey Mouse Club Chorus “You, The Human Animal” [b/w The Mickey Mouse Club Book Song]
  • Joey & Danny “Rats In My Room Part 1” [b/w Rats In My Room Part 2]
  • The Shaggs “My Pal Foot Foot” [Philosophy of the World]
  • Dick Kent “Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go” [Unknown]
  • Malinda Jackson Parker “Cousin Mosquito #1” [Tubman Goodtype Songs Of Liberia]
  • Peter Grudzien “The Unicorn” [The Unicorn]
  • Arcesia “Butterfly Mind” [Reachin’ ]
  • Mark Gormley “Little Wings” [ Mark Gormley]
  • Luie Luie “Blood of the Lamb” [The Empty Tomb]
  • Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn with Freddy Drew “Bye Bye Blackbird” [b/w Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn (Side 2)]
  • Leona Anderson “Rats In My Room” [Music To Suffer By]


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