How We Be

No matter what genres you prefer to listen to, there are vital contemporary black artists who are recording in it.

Songs Played

  • Melissa Laveaux “Triggers” [Dying Is a Wild Night] 2011
  • CocknBullKid “Mexico” [Adulthood] 2014
  • Sinkane “How We Be” [Mean Love] 2011
  • Young Fathers “Toy” [Cocoa Sugar] 2018
  • Yves Tumor “Noid” [Noid] 2018
  • Inna MODJA “Tombouctou” [Motel Bamako] 2015
  • Black Kids “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You” [Partie Traumatic] 2008
  • Francine Thirteen “The Lioness” [The Lioness] 2019
  • Yola “Faraway Look” [Walk Through Fire (Deluxe Edition)] 2019
  • Muhsinah “One” [Gone 2 X EP] 2011
  • The OBGMs “Beat Up Kidz” [The OBGMs] 2017
  • The Heavy “Sixteen” [The House That Dirt Built] 2009
  • Valerie June “Workin’ Woman Blues” [Pushin’ Against A Stone] 2013
  • Vagabon “The Embers” [Infinite Worlds] 2017
  • Animals As Leaders “Physical Education” [The Joy of Motion] 2014
  • King Azaz “Centralia” [Spiritus Mundi] 2016
  • Mapei “Change” [Hey Hey] 2014


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