I Can’t Live In A Living Room

Lebanese funk, a soul song by boxer Joe Frazier and the nuttiest song you’ve ever heard about Wyatt Earp (sung by a preacher who really should have researched Earp more closely).

Songs Played

  • Mireille Darc “La Femme D’un Ange” [b/w Avec Les Mains Avec La Bouche] 1975
  • The Squad “Red Alert” [b/w £8-A-Week] 1978
  • The Royals “Surfing Lagoon” [b/w Wild Safari] 1962
  • Kal’s Kids “Long Lonely Broken Hearted” [b/w Oh Ronnie] Year Unknown
  • The Canadian Rogues “You Better Stop” [b/w Have You Found Somebody New] 1965
  • Carolyn Carpenter “Black Coffee” [b/w Rose Ann Of Charing Cross] Year Unknown
  • Bill Beeny And Ozark Mountain Trio “Legend Of Wyatt Earp” [The Preacher And The Outlaw] Year Unknown
  • Eddy Rogers “Tormented” [b/w Without] Year Unknown
  • Delphine “La Fermeture Eclair ” [b/w Il Pleut Aussi A Hollywood] 1967
  • Billy Ford And The Thunderbirds “The Monster” [b/w Billy & Lillie “La Dee Dah”] 1957
  • The Prats “Nobody Noticed” [1990’s EP] 1980
  • The Surfmen “The Ghost Hop” [b/w Paradise Cove] 1962
  • The Dusenbery Family “Mamie Blue” [The Dusenbery Family Sings French-Acadian Songs] 1973
  • Tonto’s Expanding Head Band ‎ “Timewhys” [Zero Time] 1971
  • White Noise “Love Without Sound” [An Electric Storm] 1969
  • The Valves “Robot Love” [b/w For Adolfs’ Only] 1977
    • Whoops, forgot to mention this one on the air!
  • Young Fathers “Ebony Sky” [Tape Two] 2013
  • 2 Belgen “Lena” [b/w Dancing Thoughts (Step Version)] 1985
  • Telex “Moskow Diskow” [b/w Pakmoväst] 1979
  • Jimmy Carroll And His Orchestra “Rumble” [b/w Jimmy Leyden “Big Man”] 1958
  • Joe Frazier “You Got The Love” [b/w Good News] 1970
  • Spider “Back to the Wall” [b/w Down & Out] 1977
  • Jesse Lee Turner “The Little Space Girl” [b/w Shake, Baby, Shake] 1958
  • Outlaws “Breaker – Breaker” [b/w South Carolina] 1976
  • Dominique Guiot “L’Univers De La Mer ” [La Danse Des Méduses] 1978
  • Red Zebra “I Can’t Live In A Living Room” [Innocent People] 1980
  • Heino ” Hey Capello (Es Lebt Eine Frau In Spanien)” [b/w Ay, Ay, Ay, Paloma] 1969
  • Yves Simon “J’Ai Rêvé New-York” [b/w Je T’Emmene] 1974
  • Manuel ” Գոհմրիկ (Pearl)” [Սիրոյ Խոստումը (Promise Of Love)] 1976
  • Magma “Kobaïa Is De Hündïn” [Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh] 1973
  • D-Day “Too Young To Date” [b/w Every Time I Ask You Out] 1979


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