Addicted to Spuds

Songs Played

  • James Brown “Mashed Potato Popcorn (Part 1)” [It’s a Mother]
  • Tom Paxton “Don’t Slay That Potato” [One Million Lawyers And Other Disasters]
  • Shadows of Knight “Potato Chip” [Promo flexi-disk]
  • Dee Dee Sharp “Mashed Potato Time” [b/w Set My Heart At Ease]
  • DEVO “I’m a Potato” [Hardcore Devo Volume 1]
  • Jimmy Dickens “Take An Old Cold ‘Tater (And Wait)” [b/w Pennies For Papa ]
  • Lena Horne “Tete A Tete At Tea Time/Solid Potato Salad” [Lena Horne At Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – Ain’ It The Truth]
  • The Kinks “Hot Potatoes” [b/w Celluloid Heroes]
  • Siren “Hot Potato” [Strange Locomotion]
  • Joe Jackson “(Do the) Instant Mash” [Look Sharp!]
  • LaToya Jackson “Hot Potato” [b/w Think Twice]
  • The Elite “One Potato ” [b/w Two Potato]
  • Rita Pavone “My Name Is Potato” [b/w Ma Volendo]
  • Bing Crosby with the Foursome “Sweet Potato Piper” [Road to Singapore]
  • Stompin’ Tom Connors “Bud the Spud” [Sings Bud The Spud And Other Favourites]
  • Chef Slim Gaillard “Potato Chips” [Smorgasbord…help yourself!]
  • The Bears “Complicated Potatoes” [Rise and Shine]
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic “Addicted to Spuds” [Live on the MTV New Year’s Eve Party]


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