Happy Anniversary, Freeform Portland!

Songs Played

  • Ramm “Spark the Universe (Dance Mix)” [Spark The Universe]
  • Illés Zenekar “Bűbájosok” [Történet “M”-Ről ]
  • Ivory “Warm Love” [b/w One Armed Bandit]
  • Dean Del Ray “I Who Have Nothing” [Sounds Of A Man Alone Vol. II]
  • Evan And Sam, The New Sunshine Band “Small Smile” [b/w Honey Baby]
  • Mary Catherine Lunsford “Longnecks and Chili” [Cowgirl In The Wind]
  • Luv’ Joy “Wish Our Love Go Far” [Feel Good, Real Good]
  • Robert Hoke “Bimini Bound” [Now-Where!]


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