Hot Romance

Songs Played

  • Ganymed “It Takes Me Higher ” [b/w Hyperspace]
  • Ail Gyfnod “Perthynas (Cymysgiad Moog)” [Nuance]
  • Rodd Keith “Curse Of The Grave” [Black Phoenix Blues]
  • The Mystery Meat “Give Me Your Love” [Profiles]
  • Todd “Alone” [With Love… From Me To You]
  • Mike Hansen and the Lusk Brothers “All Alone” [Memories]
  • Wippo “Magazines” [Totally Hip]
  • George Auric, Vocals By Isla Cameron And The Raymonde Singers “O Willow Waly” [The Innocents OST]
  • Technotics “Money Lu$t” [b/w Robotized Creatures]
  • Boa “Wrong Road” [Wrong Road]
  • Yusuf Azad Qawal “Unknown” [Unknown]
  • Timmothy “Down Country” [Strange But True]
  • Konrad “People” [Evil]
  • Cécile Michel “Des Histoires D’Amour” [b/w Dis-Moi Maman]
  • Mystic Siva “Keeper of the Keys” [Mystic Siva ]
  • Salt & Pepper Featuring Greg Palmer “Shake Your Body” [It’s About Time …]
  • Palmer Rockey “Smile Pretty Baby” [Rockey’s Style]
  • Bioconstructor “Телетуризм” [Танцы По Видео ]
  • Larry Ingram “I Refuse To Lose” [The Parchman Sound ]
  • This Kind of Punishment “From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt” [A Beard Of Bees]
  • Index “Shock Wave” [Index]
  • Vyto B “Tricentennial 2076” [Tricentennial 2076]
  • Levee Loungers “A Night Of Memories” [b/w Carolina Moon]
  • Helen Jones “Down And Out” [b/w Don’t Ever Fall In Love]
  • The Synthetics “Contract” [Ep]
  • Jerry Farber Quartet Featuring Stephanie Pettis ” Ain’t No Sunshine” [Music For Friends]
  • Matchez “Out To Lunch” [b/w Land Of Bosco II]
  • Rick Grossman “Mellow Heaven Clout” [Hot Romance]
  • BMW “How U Gonna Play Me? (Vocal)” [b/w How U Gonna Play Me? (Instrumental)]
  • Michel C. Johnson “Loneliness” [Echoes]


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