You’re My Prescription

Songs Played

  • The Happy Few “Plan 9 From Outer Space” [Welcome To Norwich – A Fine City]
  • Unknown “You Don’t Care” [Acetate recording]
  • Two of Clubs “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” [’76]
  • Bobbie Jo Royal “I’ve Been Searching” [7″ Single]
  • The Lions “Don’t Seduce Me” [b/w It’s Wonderful]
  • Bart Jackson “Dancing Man” [b/w Wonderful Dream]
  • Bob Wyld “Midnight” [7″ Single]
  • Trio Bimbo “Balada Seorang Kelana” [Biarkan]
  • Tom O’Neil “St. James Infirmary” [And The Magic Of The Mouth Organ]
  • Sansone & McDonald With Linda Hankee “My Friends” [Country Life And My Wife]
  • Cammy Carol “Hand Me Down Heart” [b/w My Very First Kiss]
  • Dominic Grant “Don’t Stop Girl” [b/w I’ve Been There]
  • Reco “Jolly Jolly Buddy Buddy” [b/w Molly Cow Teddy Puff]
  • Jack Schorn’s Country Show “Afternoon Delight” [Jack Schorn’s Country Show]
  • Osiris “Damn” [Since Before Our Time]
  • Joan and Joy “You’re My Prescription” [b/w My Lover Has Left Me]
  • Triology “Interstate 70” [b/w My Money’s Funny ]
  • Rockin Disco A Go Go “Sonic” [7″ Single]
  • Halcon “Te Quiero Te Quiero, Mimi Yo Te Quiero” [b/w En Tres Minutos Caldeamos El Ambiente]
  • Jim Wheeler “The Song Of Epilepsy” [7″ Single]
  • Renato Et Son Combo Typic “Bonbon” [Bonbon]
  • The Craig & Boƶher Band “Virginia Breeze” [Days Of Autumn]
  • The Surprize “Too Bad” [b/w I Will Make History ]
  • Arizona Turquoise “My Song To Summer” [b/w Time Tick Away]
  • Colin Potter “Power” [The Scythe ]
  • Vos Cantu Monemus “Berwick Town” [Words Never Said]
  • The Werp’s “Love’s A Fire” [b/w Shade’s of Blue]
  • The Feminine Touch “25 or 6 to 4” [Gentleman Jim’s Presents The Feminine Touch]
  • Lotti Golden “Motor-cycle Michael” [Motor-Cycle ]
  • Angel Pavement “Green Mello Hill” [b/w Baby, You’ve Gotta Stay]
  • Kleen-Kuts “(You’re My) Summer Love” [b/w I’ve Found a New Love]
  • Rodd And The Hitmakers “Volcano” [Rodd In Velvet]
  • Jim Noste “Quando Quando” [“Songs for You”]


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