The Words Mean the Same

Songs Played

  • Evil Enc. Group “Hey You” [b/w The Point Is]
  • Danielle Dax “Big Hollow Man” [Inky Bloaters]
  • Jimmy Boyd “Cream Puff” [b/w I Love You So]
  • Paco Paco “Taka-Takata” [b/w Ole España]
  • Sites N’ Sounds “The Night Is So Dark” [b/w “T”]
  • Emmie Yokoyama “Disco Vampirella” [b/w Drakulon Party]
  • Skip Bessonette “Sunshine Superman” [Live At The Ship Ashore ]
  • Brothers & Friends “Love Me Like You Want To Do” [b/w Thinking Of You]
  • Cool’R “Dangerous” [Let’s Talk About It]
  • The Ever-Green Blues “Midnight Confessions” [b/w (Yes) That’s My Baby]
  • Reunion “Rape My Children Gently” [b/w People Train]
  • The Beaver Trail Boys “We Want Lava” [b/w The Ballad Of D.B. Cooper]
  • The Brats “You’re So Cute” [b/w So Hard To Forget]
  • Scott Brown & the Tempests “It’s You” [Ten Speed]
  • Sherry Shannon “Tame Me” [Tame Me]
  • Pneumania “I Can See Your Face” [All Your Love]
  • A. Rahman Hassan dan Orkes Nirwana “Bimbang” [Bimbang]
  • Sola “Tabu – Tabu ” [b/w Un Muñeco De Madera]
  • The Kresents “Maple Syrup” [b/w Purple Checkers]
  • Mistress Mary “And I Didn’t Want You” [Housewife]
  • The Balloon Farm “Hurry Up Sundown” [b/w Farmer Brown]
  • Gerry And The Holograms “Gerry And The Holograms” [Meet The Dissidents]
  • The Extremes “Let’s Elope” [b/w Come Next Spring]
  • Wanda Birdsong “Fifty Stories Tall” [b/w Kathy Isn’t Real]
  • The Chaen Reaction “Sometimes I Think About” [b/w Chain Reaction]
  • Shoji Tabuchi “The Words Mean The Same” [Country Music My Way]
  • Solid Space “Spectrum Is Green” [Space Museum]
  • The Dialtones “”Oh Baby” Come Dance With Me” [b/w Ruby Has Gone]
  • Oum Kalthoum ‎ “عماران : یادمات ” [Unknown]
  • Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo “Rio Corrente” [Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo]


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