Enofest (Festival Challenge)

Songs Played

  • Roxy Music “Remake/Remodel” [Performed live on Full House] November 25, 1972
    • No, not that Full House
  • Brian Eno “Seven Deadly Finns” [Performed live on Dutch TV] 1974
    • This was a single only release, though it would have fit well on either of his first two solo albums.
  • Talking Heads “Life During Wartime” [Performed Live at the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ] 1980
    • The performance and sound are better in Stop Making Sense but you’ve all heard that version probably 50 times by now.
  • John Cale “Fear” [Performed live on the John Peel Show] January 5th, 1975
    • Holy cow that scream at the end!
  • DEVO “Space Junk” [Performed live at the Regency Ballroom, San Francisco] November 6th, 2009
    • DEVO really didn’t care for Eno’s work on Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and didn’t use a lot of it, though his keyboards remain on this song. I wasn’t able to find a live performance of it from the era but this one is still pretty good.
  • Laurie Anderson “Puppet Motel” [Performed live in San Remo, Liguria, Italy] 2001
    • This is from a live performance from when Anderson was awarded the Temco Prize, which according to Google translated Italian Wikipedia “…is one of the most important Italian musical awards, awarded annually, since 1974 , on the occasion of the Review of the Sanremo songwriter organized by the Tenco Club .”
  • Robert Wyatt “Heaps of Sheeps” [b/w A Sunday In Madrid] 1997
    • This was the only song I couldn’t find a live version of.
  • Grace Jones “Hurricane” [Performed Live in Helsinki] 2010
    • I only had 30 minutes, so I ended up using this version rather than this one, which is a bit longer, but just incredible– you should really watch it.


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