I Told A Lie!

Songs Played

  • Sunn Cycle “Acid Raga Pt. 1” [b/w Acid Raga Pt. 2] 1969
  • Ofo the Black Company “Allah Wakbar” [b/w Beautiful Daddy] 1972
  • Sound of the Seventh Son “I Told A Lie” [b/w I’ll Be On My Way] 1965
  • Tyde “Lost” [b/w Psychedelic Pill] 1969
  • Curiousity Shoppe “Baby I Need You” [b/w So Sad] 1968
  • Sanford Clark “It’s Nothing to Me” [b/w Calling All Hearts] 1966
  • The Sensations “Its Good Enough For Me” [b/w We Were Meant To Be] 1964
  • The Mighty Clouds “History Of Dub” [b/w Levi Williams – Peaceful Rasta] 1974
  • The Odyssey “Little Girl, Little Boy” [b/w Little Orphan Annie] 1968
  • Spyder Turner “I Can’t Make It Anymore” [b/w Don’t Hold Back] 1967


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