Give It One More Try

We’re doing more globetrotting here on Esoteria. I’m bringing you psych rock from Malaysia, lounge from South Africa, folk from Japan, Canadian punk and an…um…very interesting country song sung by a little girl called “Tell My Daddy The Church Bell Is Ringing”…it’s really something. 

Songs Played

  • Masumi Hara “カメラ” [Imagination Exchange] 1982
  • Red Squares “Ottawa Today” [b/w Transmitter] 1978
    • Like I say in the show, this band seemed to have the worst luck– despite this very solid single, and opening for bands like Ultravox and XTC, they vanished into the Canadian ether.
  • The Ambassadors With Andre Brummer And His Orchestra “Goo Goo Bird Mambo ” [b/w Chansonette] 1956
  • Big Top “What Can I Do?” [7″ Single] 1973
  • Ritz “Mutual Suicide” [b/w Stolen Love] 1984
  • Sandro Brugnolini “Flyer” [Musica Per Commenti Sonori] 1969
  • The Luckett Brothers “Lay Down These Old Burdens” [b/w God’s Getting Us Ready For The Judgement Day] Date Unknown
  • Becky Overholt “Tell My Daddy The Church Bell Is Ringing” [b/w For Those Tears I Died] Date Unknown
  • Dog Detachment “The Last Laugh” [The Last Laugh] 1983
  • The Baton Of Andre Brummer “Tumba” [b/w Black Lace Fan] 1956
  • The Invincibles “Can’t Win” [b/w So Much Love] 1966
  • Front Office “Wow” [b/w Girl] 1967
  • Ehlie Luna “Looking For a God” [Single] 2018
  • Buns “Anti-Matter” [b/w Raise The Roof] 1979
  • 김추자 (Kim Sun) ” 떠나야할 그사람 (The Person to Leave)” [늦기전에 / 월남에서 돌아온 김상사 ] 1969
  • Tammy “El Jingle Jump” [Tammy] 1966
  • Cherry Wainer “Valencia” [b/w Blue Cha Cha] 1958
    • I think this track is particularly noteable because I can’t think of another rock’n’roll solo instrumentalist record by a female musician from this period. I’m sure they’re out there, but I just haven’t heard of them. Wainer, though born in South Africa, performed in the UK as a member of Lord Rockingham’s XI
  • Leviathan “Flames” [b/w Just Forget Tomorrow] 1968
  • Salim I & Maria Bachok “Songket Hitam” [Hidop Bersepaham] 1971
  • Sudden Sway “The Total Love Plug” [Spacemate] 1986
  • O.C. Smith “On Easy Street” [b/w Beyond The Next Hill] 1966
  • Sebastiao Tapajos, Pedro Dos Santos “Tornei A Caminhar” [Sebastiao Tapajos / Pedro Dos Santos Vol. 2] 1972
  • Larry & Marilyn Featuring The Brass Connection “Once You Get Started” [Larry & Marilyn Featuring The Brass Connection] Date Unknown
  • Human Beat “Paint It Black Extended Version” [b/w Human Beat (Saturday Night Version)] 1989
  • オクノ修 (Osamu Okuno) “夕ぐれ時の唄 ” [オクノ修] 1972
  • Sesame Street “Spinning Wheel” [Episode 0012] 1969
    • Yes, I know I say that this song was originally by the Doobie Brothers when it is of course Three Dog Night– kidding, it’s Blood, Sweat and Tears. Just a brainfart on my end.
  • 酒向茂樹 (Shigeki Sako) “今曰はそんな気分 (I Feel Like This)” [ニュートンの馬鹿野郎] Date Unknown
  • Grapefruit “Give It One More Try (aka Theme For Twiggy)” [Around Grapefruit] 1968
    • The band was apparently named by John Lennon and produced by Terry Melcher!
  • The Free Pop Electronic Concept “Planetary Gospel” [A New Exciting Experience] 1969
  • The Mighty Cloud Band “Today’s Version” [b/w Today’s Melody] 1974
  • New Musik “Sanctuary” [Sanctuary] 1980


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