I See the Light

Hear me mispronounce bands you’ve never heard of, playing genres you weren’t aware were played in countries you haven’t visited! It’s Esoteria!

Songs Played

  • The Untouchables “The General ” [b/w Tropical Bird] 1983
  • The Haunted “1-2-5” [The Haunted] 1967
  • Jeannette Ndiaye “Makom Ma Bobe” [Mut’a Mbamba] 1981
  • Kenny and the Impacts “Wishing Well” [b/w Heartaches] 1965
  • Argon “Venuksesta Itään” [Kone Kertoo] 1981
  • Kathy Young With The Innocents “A Thousand Stars” [Eddie My Darling] 1960
  • Fort Mudge Memorial Dump “Mr. Man” [Fort Mudge Memorial Dump] 1969
  • Shigeo Sekito “そよ風と私 (Andalucia)” [華麗なるエレクトーン (キャッチ・イン・アリス)] 1975
  • Starfire “If You Can’t Stand The Heat Get Out Of The Kitchen” [Get Off With Us] 1976
  • Mary Linh with Khánh Băng “Nếu Có Nhớ Đến” [Một Thời Để Nhớ] Year Unknown
  • Los Monaguillosh “Voces En La Jungla” [Voces En La Jungla] 1983
  • Klein “case volume one ” [Single] 2020
  • Shark-Walk “Space Psycho-X” [b/w Voice In My Head] 1989
  • Bandolero “Together” [Bandolero] 1970
  • Silky Vincent Group “Missing You ” [b/w Tomorrow] Year Unknown
  • Marcy Joe “Ronnie” [b/w My First Mistake] 1961
  • Silûetler “Kaşık Havası” [b/w Sis] 1965
  • Bob Zellin “Shadow of Your Smile” [In a Whirl] Year Unknown
  • Keith Kessler “Don’t Crowd Me” [b/w Sunshine Morning] 1968
  • Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrasi “Dolana Dolana” [Gençlik İle Elele] 1973
  • Ronnie White “Rebecca” [Big Sky] 1975
  • Autumn “I Say You Hello” [Synthesize] Reissued 2011
  • Itadi “Peace And Freedom” [Watch Your Life] 1975
  • The Coalition “Love Makes the Time” [For Now 3] 1972
  • Magyk Band “Searching For Your Love” [World Violence] 1982
  • Mannschreck “Verdrahtet” [Beiträge Zur Sinnespflege] 1981
  • Rubba “Way Star” [In Motion: Modern Progressive Group Sounds Played By Rubba] 1980
  • Gaslite Village “Up From The Underground” [b/w I Am Afraid] 1969
  • The Prodigy “Got To Give” [Climbing The Sky] 1974
  • The Ugly’s “I See the Light” [b/w Mary Cilento] 1969


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