I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool

Originally aired July 15, 2020

Songs Played

  • The Terraplanes “It’s Hip” [b/w Evil Going On] 1981
  • Ellison Chase “Let’s Rock” [b/w Let’s Rock] 1976
  • The Group Solo “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” [Beware of the Dog] Year Unknown
  • Jimmet Lawson “Janie” [7” single] 1989
  • The Revels “Dead Man’s Stroll” [b/w Talking To My Heart] 1951
  • Chuck Trois & the Amazing Maze “Call On You” [b/w the Woodsman] 1968
  • Goom “Good Morning” [b/w Petite Sieste] 1973
  • After Life “Try People Try (Intentadlo Intentadlo)” [ b/w Really Love You (Amarte De Verdad)] 1975
  • Tony Stracuzzi With His Band Los Bandoleros “Floripotema” [b/w Pensando A Mia Madre] 1973
  • Махфират Ҳамрақулова “Резаборон (Дождик)” [Танцуй, Красавица!] 1990
  • The Poets “Dead” [b/w Vowels Of Love] 1958
  • Larry Clinton And His Orchestra “Deep Purple” [b/w My Reverie] 1955
  • The Janglettes “Happy All The Time” [b/w Backseat] 1979
  • Kitty White “Poly Man Bongo” [Cold Fire] 1956
  • Faust’o “Suicidio” [b/w Benvenuti Tra I Rifiuti] 1978
  • Westwärts “Der Cowboy” [Abgang Innen Senkrecht Vol.2] Compilation released in 2003
  • Michael Angelo “Oceans Of Fantasy” [Michael Angelo] 1977
  • Kate Fagan “I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool” [b/w Waiting For The Crisis] 1980
  • Jay Perdue and Company “Hot Stuff” [Most Requested] Year Unknown
  • Katty Line “Ne Fais Pas La Tête ” [b/w Un Mini Coeur] 1966
  • Cults Percussion Ensemble “Circles” [Cults Percussion Ensemble] 1979
  • Fancy Rosy ” Punk Police ” [I Am The Clown Of Disco Town] 1977
    • A very odd and interesting artist– more info on her here.
  • This Kind “Dirty City” [b/w I’ve Got It] 1967
  • “D” And The Sugar Cane Factory “Fade Sun, Fade” [b/w My Mind’s Made Up] 1967
  • Stuart Hamblin “The Baby Racoon In The Hollow Log” [b/w Oh Miss Chicken] 1957
  • Salanti Bersaudara “Salamku” [Salanti Bersaudara] 1966
  • Repairs “O’Lonesome Sorrow” [Already A Household Word] 1977
  • Diaframma “Xaviera Hollander” [Altrove] 1983
  • Magida El Roumi “الأم” [Magida El Roumi And The Children] 1983
  • J.F. Baldassare “Romance on the Rocks” [Dreams] 1977
  • Tikkie, Takkie, Suzy, Lee “Surabaja” [b/w Kabalueré] Year Unknown
  • The Nubs “I Don’t Need You (Cause I Got Me)” [b/w Dogs] 1979
  • Richard Simmons “You Might As Well Forget It” [b/w The Exodus Song] 1964
  • The Roots “It’s Been A Long Journey” [b/w Lost One] 1965


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