Only People Can Save The World

Brand new episode chock full of psychedelic absurdities, private press oddities and eccentric obscurities!

Songs Played

  • Big Boy Pete “Cold Turkey” [b/w My Love Is Like A Spaceship] 1968
  • Rudi “I-Spy” [I-Spy] 1979
Bappi Lahiri, looking fly as always.
  • Bappi Lahiri “Night Lovers” [Night Lovers: Bappi Lahiri’s Pop Songs] 1982
  • Christie Azumah & The Uppers International “Naam” [Din Ya Sugri] 1976
  • Frankie Lee “Brown Haired Snake” [For The Glory Of Music] 1976
  • Fancy Rosy “I Am The Clown Of Disco Town” [b/w Punk Police] 1977
  • Click Click “Run Me Down” [Run Me Down] 1982
  • Rosemary Bailey “Feel Like Making Love” [Rosemary] 1976
  • Ron & Bill Wetterstrom “I Am A Robot ” [b/w Forgotten Fool] 1979
  • Samuel T. Robinson “Take Time To Go Crazy” [b/w Somewhere In Mississippi] 1973
  • Sonic “Electronique Orchestration” [b/w Love’s Reprise] 1976
  • The Head Shop “Opera In The Year 4000 (Where Have All The People Gone / Yesterday)” [The Head Shop] 1969
  • Le Canard “The Dying Cow Boy” [Folk] 1980
  • Tommy Mandel “Allow Me (To Destroy You)” [Tommy Mandel] 1981
  • The Third Eye “Magic Handkerchief” [Awakening…] 1969
  • Cameras In Cars “Avoid A Void” [4 Track E.P.] 1980
  • Daniel Santos “Condena de Amor” [b/w Ansias Insaciables] Date Unknown
  • The Jokers “Sabre Dance” [b/w Saturnus] 1965
  • Bill Nelson “Living In My Limousine ” [Living In My Limousine] 1981
  • Plume & Cassonade “La 20” [Pommes De Route] 1975
  • Verbatim “The Face On The Cutting Room Floor” [b/w Hieronymus Bosch] 1969
  • Soft Energy “Contact Day” [Sideral Space] 1978
  • Al Rogers With His Rocky Mountain Boys “The Hydrogen Bomb ” [b/w The Mirror ‘Cross The Bar] 1954
  • The Spike Drivers “Strange Mysterious Sounds” [b/w Break Out The Wine] 1967
  • Akkordeon-Duo Heidi Wild / Renato Bui, Renato Bui And His New Sounders “Achtung … Los!” [Achtung….los!] 1970
  • Prince Albert “The Wind Blows Your Hair” [Acetate recording] 1965
  • The Hurricane Rollers “Once” [b/w The Hurricane Beat] 1959
  • Ginger Valley “Ginger” [b/w Country Life] 1970
  • The Whatnauts “Only People Can Save The World” [Whatnauts On The Rocks] 1972
Psh-Psh, 1984
  • Psh-Psh ” Oigo Voces (Esquizofrenia)” [La Otra Cara Del Punk] Recorded 1984, Compilation released 2020


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