Mega Force!

We travel the world of obscurities, from Japan to Nashville to Turkey to Yugoslavia and right out of this world to Mars.

Songs Played

  • The Reynettes “Rescue Me” [Kowloon, Hong Kong]
  • The Factory “Path Through the Forest” [b/w Gone]
  • Grupo Corea “Cuando se Quiere” [30 de Octubre Homenaje]
  • Lynn Castle With Last Friday’s Fire “Rose Coloured Corner” [b/w The Lady Barber]
  • English Subtitles “Time Tunnel” [Time Tunnel]
  • Eunice Collins “At The Hotel Part 1 (Vocal)” [b/w At The Hotel Part 2 (Instrumental) ]
  • Bonnie Jo Mason “Ringo I Love You” [b/w Beatle Blues]
  • Demon Fuzz “Disillusioned Man” [Afreaka! ]
  • Erkut Taçkın “Gitmek Düştü Bana” [Erkut Taçkın ]
  • Clyde Lumpkins “Queen Of Skid Row” [b/w Prisoner’s Prayer]
  • Spectre “Turn Out The Lights” [b/w Won’t You Be Mine Tonight?]
  • Chief-Tones “I Shouldn’t Have Did What I Done” [b/w Do Lord]
  • The Space Men “Martian Chant” [b/w Oriental Flip]
  • The Spirits “Almost There” [Live at the Funny Farm]
  • The Strangers “Fantacy Playground Vocal Version ” [b/w Fantacy Playground Disco Version]
  • Scutch “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” [3 of a Kind]
  • The Palace Guards “No Comin’ Back” [b/w Barbara]
  • Fadaul Et Les Privilèges “Sid Redad” [b/w Tayeh]
  • Paul And Ritchie And The Crying Shames “Come On Back” [b/w September In The Rain]
  • The Blue Diamonds “Little Ship” [b/w Jealousy]
  • Gary Ryan “Up To The Sunshine – No More Rain” [In My Own Way]
  • Hollywood “It’s Not Hard” [Hollywood]
  • Soul Media “Painted Paradise” [Funky Stuff]
  • Betty Adams “My Little Girl And Me” [A New Beginning – In Nashville]
  • Delores Banks “Who Do You Think You Are?” [b/w What A Friend]
  • Brazil “… Gdje Nema Te” [Glasovi U Kući ]
  • Anything Goes “Daisy” [b/w When She’s Gone]
  • Lady Wray ” Piece Of Me” [b/w Come On In]
  • Melvin Milburn “The Jackass” [b/w Mediate]
  • The McElroy Bros. “Bangin’ My Head” [Can’t You See Me Smilin’]
  • David Fox “Washed Up Jammer ” [b/w General Usher]
  • 707 “Mega Force” [b/w Mega Force]


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