The Real Thing

Hey, another theme! I’ve got some new wave, post-punk, sythpop and darkwave from 1979-1986. Don’t worry, you’ve only maybe heard one of these before!

Songs Played

The Fabulous Stains. Diane Lane (center) and Laura Dern (right)!
  • The Fabulous Stains “The Professionals” [Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains OST] 1982
  • Polyrock “Romantic Me” [Polyrock] 1980
  • Two Minds Crack “Cry Cry Cry” [Cry Cry Cry] 1986
  • Images In Vogue “Educated Man” [Educated Man] 1982
  • The Beloved “A Hundred Words” [b/w Slow Drowning] 1986
  • Gettysburg Address “Dance Feat” [Young Blood] 1984
  • Pointed Sticks “The Real Thing” [b/w Out Of Luck] 1979
  • The (Hypothetical) Prophets “Fast Food” [Around The World With The Prophets] 1982
  • Seccession “The Magician” [b/w The Killing Season] 1987
  • This Fear “Soldier Of This Fashion (Extended)” [Darkness Shapes Imagination] 1985
  • Models “Two People Per Sq Km” [Two People Per Sq Km] 1980
  • Doctor & The Medics “Burn” [b/w Barbara Can’t Dance] 1986
  • Nightmoves “Transdance (GC1 Version)” [b/w Nightdrive] 1981
  • The Wee Cherubs “Waiting For My Man” [b/w Dreaming] 1984


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