Story of My Life

Your day could probably use some synthy reggae from the Faroe Islands or some cosmic disco from Bulgaria or some unknown new wave from 1980s Portland. Join me on a trip around the world for some of the best and most obscure music from the last seventy years.

Songs Played

  • Мими Иванова И „Старт“ (Mimi Ivanova and Start) “Диско Ракета (Disco Rocket)” [Мими Иванова И „Старт“] 1979
  • Pink Plastic & Panties “Bla-Bla” [b/w Anger] 1980
  • Larry Robbins and His Bands “Deep In My Drums” [Mädchen von Hongkong OST] 1973
  • The Aardvarks “I’m Higher Than I’m Down” [b/w That’s Your Way] 1966
  • The Vybrashons “Disco-Tinued” [The Vybrashons] 1976
  • Joe Clark ” Drinkin’ And Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” [b/w Don’t Turn Your Back] 1963
  • 泉谷しげる “眠れない夜” [乱・乱・乱] 1974
  • U.K. Viva “Mr. Mystery” [b/w Radio Saviour] 1980
    • Whoops, forgot to say this one on air!
  • Todd Rhodes “Beet Patch” [Dance Music That Hits The Spot] 1960
  • The After Hours “I Don’t Wanna Cry” [b/w Love Affair] 1971
  • The Uncalled For “Do Like Me” [b/w Get Out Of The Way] 1967
  • Melodons “More And More” [Jive] 1979
  • The Jesters IV “She Lied (I Know Why)” [b/w (Bye Bye Bye Bye) So Long] 1966
  • Patti Page “Old Cape Cod” [b/w Wondering] 1957
  • DA! “Next To Nothing” [Time Will Be Kind] 1982
  • Johnny and the Hurricanes “Sandstorm” [Beatnik Fly] 1960
  • Smokey Haangala “Lungowe” [Aunka Ma Kwacha] 1976

  • L. Ron Hubbard “Windsplitter” [Space Jazz] 1982
  • Rio “Beside You” [b/w Beside You (Instrumental)] 1985
  • Lillian Briggs “I Want You To Be My Baby” [b/w Don’t Stay Away Too Long] 1955
  • Friends “Frøknur” [Jorun] 1984
  • Bobby Bluel “Do You Want Me” [b/w Girls Know Secrets] 1985
  • Unrelated Segments “Story Of My Life” [b/w It’s Unfair] 1967
  • The Tesco Bombers “Break The Ice At Parties” [Hernando’s Hideaway] 1982
  • Roy Ferguson And Candy Noe “Mary Was A Good Girl” [Roy Ferguson & Candy Noe] Year Unknown
  • Barbie Army “Don’t Wait” [Barbie Army] 1981
  • The Third Booth “Sound Inc.” [b/w Mysteries] 1968
  • Crypton “Stranger In Space” [b/w Movin’ On] 1982
  • Evidence “Explosion Of A Planet” [The Evidence] 1978
  • Yasuaki Shimizu “Kakashi” [Kakashi] 1982
  • Twelve Cubic Feet “Back in the Jug Agane” [Squares On Sunday] 1982
  • The Public Servants “A Mistake” [b/w Jungle Hotel] 1981
  • P.M. “Oh Video” [b/w Hurtin’ Inside] 1983


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