Ooh, Ah, Yeah!

Lotta funk, lotta post-punk, and a lotta other genres that don’t rhyme as well! 

Songs Played

  • Zalatnay Sarolta “Hadd Mondjam El” [Hadd Mondjam El] 1973
  • Pulsallama “The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body” [b/w Ungawa Pt.II (Way Out Guiana)] 1982
  • Departmentstore Santas “Play In The Sun” [At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since] 1984
  • The Live Five “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” [Northwest Battle Of The Bands Volume 4] 2004
    • Compilation released 2004, actual track is probably from 1966/1967
  • Peter Godwin “The Art Of Love” [b/w Soul Of Love] 1983
  • Power Of Attorney “Changing Man” [b/w Fillet Of Soul] 1973
    • This band were prisoners at the now closed Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Graterford, Pennsylvania.
  • Susan Fassbender “Twilight Café ” [b/w We’ll) Get Around It] 1980
  • София Ротару “Птица (Памяти Паши Христовой)” [ТТолько Мне Не Прекословь] 1974
  • Jeffrey Shurtleff ” Ten Degrees And Getting Colder” [State Farm] 1971
  • The Stars That Wouldn’t Shine “Tchiakovsky” [The Stars That Wouldn’t Shine] 1983
  • The System “Sweat” [b/w Stand Up And Cheer] 1983
  • Little Royal & The Swingmasters “Razor Blade ” [b/w Jealous] 1972
  • Ideal “Berlin” [Ideal] 1980
  • Jimmy “Bo” Horne “Dance Across The Floor” [b/w It’s Your Sweet Love] 1978
  • The Fabulous McClevertys “Don’t Blame it on Elvis” [b/w Tickle, Tickle] 1957
  • The Immortals “The Ultimate Warlord” [b/w Warlord (Part II)] 1979
  • Fire Engines “Candyskin” [Meat Whiplash] 1981
  • The Abstract Reality “Love Burns Like A Fire Inside” [b/w Gordon Berry And The Motortown Orchestra “Love Burns Like A Fire Inside (Instrumental)”] 1967
  • Mouth “Ooh, Ah, Yeah!” [b/w Ooh?] 1981
  • Emilio Santiago “Bananeira” [Emílio Santiago] 1975
  • The Appreciations “It’s Better To Cry” [b/w Gimme Back My Soul] Year Unknown
  • Dominatrix ” The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” [The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight] 1984
  • Straight To The Point “If I Could Be An Egg” [The Unknown 9] 1989
  • The Hi-Fi’s “I Wanna Hear You Say Yeah ” [b/w It’s Gonna Be Morning] 1966
  • The Alsatians “Our Man In Marrakesh” [b/w Teen Romance] 1980
  • Herman The Soul Burner “Louisiana Rapper” [b/w J. J. Caillier “Pusherman”] Year Unknown
  • Tribunos 77 “Viva América” [b/w Suma dora] 1977
  • The Rhythm Makers “Monterey” [Soul On Your Side] 1976
  • Antihéroes “Unknown” [Unknown] 1985
    • If you can read Spanish (or use Google Translate), this article about Argentinian post-punk band Los Pillos mentions Mónica Vidal, singer of Antihéroes, who was dating drummer Pablo Esaú and went missing with him in 1990 after their plane crashed.
  • Glass Sun “Silence Of The Morning” [b/w Oh Sandy] 1971


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