Get A Hold Of Yourself

Canadian power-pop! Bahamian psych funk! A musician named Q! Also, ANOTHER musician named Q, but not the same Q at all! Get a hold of yourself and hop on the train to the land where forgotten songs and buried treasures come alive.

Songs Played

  • Rexy “Perfect Day” [Running Out of Time] 1981
  • Modernettes “Barbra” [Teen City] 1980
  • Rift Valley Brothers “Muhiki Waku Nitwendantre” [b/w I…I…I…Nindoka] Year Unknown
  • Little Walter And His Jukes “Flying Saucer” [b/w One More Chance With You] 1956
  • The Persians “Get A Hold Of Yourself” [Steady Kind] 1963
  • Jimmy Miller And The Barbecues “Sizzlin’ Hot” [b/w Les Hobeaux “Mama Don’t Allow”] Year Unknown
  • Ed Moxey “Stew Fish” [b/w Joe Syre Is The J.P.] Year Unknown
  • The Applejacks “Bunny Hop” [b/w Night Train Stroll] 1959
  • Nick Garrie “The Nightmare Of J. B. Stanislas” [The Nightmare Of J. B. Stanislas] 1968
  • Rene Ufer & Lilian Treiberg “Kajakad” [Unustuste Tilk!] 1977
  • The Meanies “It’s True” [Waiting For You] 1979
  • The Shotgun Express “I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Around” [b/w Curtains] 1966
  • 中村晃子 “虹色の湖” [b/w 夢みていたい] 1967
  • Prophet “Right On Time” [Right On Time] 1984
  • The Dynettes “Witness To A Heartbreak” [b/w New Guy] 1965
  • Telapath “Gonna Make You Mine” [b/w Flowin] 1977
  • The Ferris Wheel “I Can’t Break The Habit” [b/w Number One Guy] 1967
  • Clearing Operation “Send Your Bird” [Clearing Operation] 1986
  • Q “Déjame Ahora Dormir” [Cine De Miedo] 1984
  • Occult Chemistry “Fire” [Occult Chemistry] 1980
  • Bob Rains And Admiral Strange “She Feels Like Sunshine” [b/w Wastin’ My Time] Year Unknown
  • Komik-Kazee “Going Down To Bloomfield Center” [b/w Going Down To Bloomfield Center (Instrumental)] 1983
  • Gino Latilla e Duo Fasano “Un Filo Di Speranza” [b/w Casetta In Canada] 1957
  • oTo “Five Five” [Unpublished #1] 1982
  • Front Page “Love Insurance ” [b/w You Got My Love] 1979
  • “Q” “The Voice Of “Q”” [b/w The Voice Of “Q” (Instrumental)] 1982
  • The (Original) Spacemen “Space Walkin'” [Space Walkin’] 1965
  • The Affordable Floors “The Sounding” [The Sounding] 1986


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