I Was a Teen-Age Monster: Halloween Spooktacular!

Vampires, zombies, mummies, oh my– It’s the Esoteria Halloween Spooktacular! Join me for a deep dive into the darkest, eeriest record bins the world has to offer.

Songs Played

  • Los Wawanco “Vienen Las Brujas” [b/w Canta Y Llora Mi Acordeón] 1980
  • Anton LaVey “Satan Takes A Holiday (Instrumental)” [Satan Takes A Holiday] 1995
  • Monsieur Goraguer “Sexy Dracula” [b/w Sexy Dracula (Instrumental)] 1976
  • The October Country “My Girl Friend Is A Witch” [b/w I Just Don’t Know] 1968
  • Peter Van Wood “Ghost Party” [b/w Sei Come Lei] 1964
  • Big Jay McNeely And Band “Psycho Serenade” [I Got The Message] 1959
  • The Mighty El Dukes “Frankenstein’s Den” [Northwest Grease] 2004
    • Probably recorded 1956-1958
  • The Deep River Boys “Swinging At The Seance” [Man, That’s Groovy – Early Vocal Groups 1935-1944] 1992
  • The Upsetters “The Vampire” [b/w The Bleechers “Check Him Out”] 1969
    • Written and produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry!
  • Souls Unlimited “The Raving Vampire – Part I” [b/w The Raving Vampire – Part II] Year Unknown
  • American Quartet “The Skeleton Rag” [b/w Campbell And Burr “I’m Going Back To Old Virginia”] 1912
  • Christine Pilzer “Dracula” [Dracula] 1966
  • Gene Moss “I Want To Bite Your Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand)” [b/w Ghoul Days (School Days)] 1964
  • The Three Suns “Haunted Guitar” [Theme From “The Proud Ones”] 1956
  • Janie Jones “Witches Brew ” [b/w Take-A My Tip] 1965
  • Marilyn And The Movie Stars “Vampyre” [So Disgraceful] 1981
  • The Five Blobs “The Blob” [b/w Saturday Night In Tiajuana] 1958
  • The Frantics “Werewolf” [b/w No Werewolf] 1960
  • Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians “Monster Jerk” [b/w Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood] 1964
  • Tarantula Ghoul And Her Gravediggers “Graveyard Rock” [b/w King Kong] 1959
  • 126 ” Graveyard Paradise (Edens Kirkegård)” [b/w Våren -65] 1991
  • The Buoys “Timothy” [b/w It Feels Good] 1970
  • Count Floyd “The Gory Story Of Duane & Debbie” [b/w Count Floyd Is Back] 1982
  • Calypso Carnival Featuring King Flash “Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)” [b/w Mama, Looka Boo Boo (Boo Boo Man)] 1956
  • Count Lorry And The Biters “Frankenstein Stomp” [b/w Groovin’ With Drag] 1964
  • Mike Laure Y Sus Cometas “El Vampiro ” [b/w Una Cumbia Para Maria] Year Unknown
  • The Graveyard Five “The Marble Orchard” [b/w The Graveyard Theme] 1968
  • Jackie Morningstar “Rockin’ In The Graveyard” [b/w No Date] 1959
  • Gene “Bowlegs” Miller “Frankenstein Walk” [b/w Everybody Got Soul] 1969
  • Hollis Champion & The Secrets “Old Red Devil” [b/w Conscience Be Our Guide] 1960
  • The Keytones “I Was A Teen-Age Monster” [b/w I Don’t Care] Year Unknown
  • La Quinta Strada “Horror” [b/w She] 1975
  • Luis Vivi Hernández “El Monstruo” [El Monstruo] 1966
  • Leroy Bowman And The Arrows “Graveyard” [b/w Uh Huh] Year Unknown
  • Danny Hutton “Monster Shindig” [b/w Roses And Rainbows] 1965
Larry And The Blue Notes
  • Larry And The Blue Notes “Night Of The Sadist” [Back From The Grave Volume Four] 1984
    • Originally recorded in 1965 but rerecorded as “Night of the Phantom” because “Night of the Sadist” is creepy as fuck.
  • Frances Day “Dancing With A Ghost” [Jill Darling] 1935
  • Jonathan Chapin “Mummies Have Mommies Too” [The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Fun House Mystery] 1995
  • Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads “The Goo Goo Muck” [b/w The Scotch] 1962
  • Steve King And The Echelons “Satan Is Her Name” [b/w Long Lonely Road] 1962
  • Fran Allison “Punky Punkin” [b/w Rickety Rockety] 1950
  • The Alley Cats “Nightmare City” [Nightmare City] 1981


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