The Disadvantages Of You

We’ve got a country ode to a Martian woman, a lot of strange Moog driven madness and stuff like Chinese disco, Yugoslavian darkwave and Brazilian funk that I can’t even begin to pronounce correctly. Yup, it’s time for Esoteria again!

Songs Played

Judo Jim!
  • Jim Moss “When A Martian Woman Loves An Earth Man” [b/w Drinking My Beer] Year Unknown
  • Use No Hooks “The Hook” [The Job] 2020 (recorded in 1983)
  • Mike Melvoin “The Plastic Cow” [The Plastic Cow] 1969
  • Rita & the Tiaras “Gone With The Wind Is My Love” [b/w Wild Times (Instrumental)] 1967
  • Splodgenessabounds “Simon Templer” [Simon Templer] 1980
  • Hot Butter “Apache” [b/w Hot Butter (Mozart: Sinfonie Nr. 40)] 1972
  • Chin-Chin “We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners” [We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners] 1984
  • Billy Butler “Right Track” [b/w Boston Monkey] 1966
  • Charlélie Couture “La Ballade De Serge K” [Poèmes Rock] 1981
  • 李亞萍 (Lee Yea Ping) “我心深處只有你” [相逢夕陽下] 1976
  • John Walker “Annabella” [b/w You Don’t Understand Me] 1967
Well, at least the theme song by United State is good.
  • United State “Glass Knight” [b/w Automaton] 1984
  • Anarchic System “Pop Corn (Vocal)” [b/w Pop Corn (Instrumental)] 1972
  • Honey Bane “Turn Me On Turn Me Off” [b/w In Dreams] 1981
  • The Zeet Band “Boogie-Loo” [Moogie Woogie] 1970
  • Marcos Valle “Os Ossos Do Barão” [Previsão Do Tempo] 1973
  • Téléphone “Au Cœur De La Nuit” [b/w Argent Trop Cher] 1980
  • Ruts “Babylon’s Burning” [b/w Society] 1979
  • Jane Kennaway & Strange Behaviour ‎ “IOU” [b/w Take Me Away] 1980
  • Оригинал “Сен Қайдан Биласан ” [Оригинал Вокально-Инструментальная Группа] 1982
  • The Visitors “Alice Aisgill” [Miss] 2000 (originally recorded in 1987)
  • Ghostwriter “Come See About Me” [Where Were You?] 1975
  • Amyl and The Sniffers “Gacked On Anger” [Amyl and The Sniffers] 2019
  • Ruth White “The Flight Of The Bumblebee” [Short Circuits] 1971
  • Stiff Herbert “I Could Hit The Ceiling” [b/w (Day Off In) Akaroa] 1987
  • The Answer ” The Disadvantages Of You” [b/w Legacy] 1967
  • 久保田麻琴 (Makoto Kubota) “Machiboke” [まちぼうけ] 1973
  • Lavilliers “O Gringo” [O Gringo] 1980
  • The Absentees “Fairytales” [Rupert Preaching At A Picnic] 1981
  • Creation Of Sunlight “Second Thoughts” [Creation Of Sunlight] 1968
  • Silos Pohanka “Andy” [One Man Brass Band – Drums, Bells And Flutes] 1976
  • Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls “Dream Sequence I” [b/w Dream Sequence II] 1980
  • The Jayhawks “My Only Darling” [b/w Stranded In The Jungle] 1956
  • Max & Intro “Ostavi Sve” [We Design The Future] 1985


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