There Are No Ice Cubes Down In Hell

It’s time for Swiss minimal wave, novelty polka that hasn’t aged well, funk from Trinidad and Tobago and more of the usual unusual. Let’s try and de-stress together, shall we?

Songs Played

  • Spike “Your Time Will Come” [Low Profile] 1981
  • Starforce 1 “Space Agent” [Starforce 1] 1981
  • Anthony ‘Reebop’ Kwaku Bah “200 To 500 Years Ago” [Anthony ‘Reebop’ Kwaku Bah] 1973
  • The Fans “Giving Me That Look In Your Eyes” [Giving Me That Look In Your Eyes] 1977
  • Billy Harlan “I Wanna Bop” [b/w School House Rock] 1958
  • Stephen Encinas “Disco Illusion” [b/w Lypso Illusion] 1979
  • The Four Preps “Down By The Station” [b/w Listen Honey (I’ll Be Home)] 1959
  • Kaa Antilope “Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird” [VPRO RadioNome – April 2 1982] 2009
  • De Dion “Sexy Cola” [b/w Sexy Cola (Glu Glu Version)] 1986
  • Passion Theatre “Menage A Trois” [Strange Desire / International Love Affair] 1986
  • Take One “I’m Gonna Tell Your Mama” [I Like The Way] 1983
  • Lol “Naughty Nola” [b/w Bumbler] 1973
  • XL Capris “Shark Horror” [Where Is Hank] 1981
  • Stained Glass Guitar “Planet For Sale” [b/w Star Spangled Message] 1977
  • The Mark IV “I Got A Wife” [b/w Ah-Ooo-Gah] 1959
  • Sensus “All Of A Sudden (Extended)” [b/w All Of A Sudden (Instrumental Version)] 1984
  • Amy And The Angels “I Hate Being In Love” [Making Waves – A Collection Of 12 Womens Bands From The UK] 1981
  • Shalom “I Had A Dream” [Glory Bound] Year Unknown
  • Daniel and the Lions “Strong As Love” [b/w School Hall] 1980
  • Operating Theatre “Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth” [Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth] 1986
  • The Feathers “Crashing The Party” [Love Only You] 1955
  • Elephant Château “Dreamings” [b/w Rendez Vous In The Sky] 1985
  • Margie Pet “I Feel So Good” [b/w Margie] 1958
  • Michal Turtle “Are You Psychic?” [Music From The Living Room] 1983
  • The Mask & Wig Club Of The University Of Pennsylvania “There Are No Ice Cubes Down In Hell” [The Devil To Pay] 1969
  • The Standing Ovations With Rhonda Lee “Weigh It Heavy” [A Sunday Afternoon At Jo Jo’s] Year Unknown


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