We All Go Crazy

Let’s all exhale a sigh of relief and remind ourselves that the future might not be a completely Mad Max one. Rather, it can be full of Malaysian covers of 1960s hippie songs, or Italian soundtrack scores, Brazilian psych rock bands named after 19th century US presidents or even some good ol’ Old Skool hip hop. Who doth know what Esoteria brings?

Songs Played

  • The Regents “Words” [b/w Worryin’ Kind] 1966
  • Pink Military “Blood & Lipstick” [Blood & Lipstick] 1979
  • Swan Snake “Zona Rosa” [b/w Sneakin’] 1975
  • The Versalettes “Don Juan In Town” [b/w Don Juan In Town] 1963
  • Sweet Rain “Fire And Rain” [b/w And Suddenly] Year Unknown
  • Primary Colours “Paint Love Blue” [Paint Love Blue] 1985
  • Marisa Rossi “Deixa Eu Te Amar” [b/w Cinturão De Fogo] 1970
  • Savant “Using Words” [The Neo-Realist (At Risk)] 1983
  • The Hubbels “Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man” [b/w City Woman] 1969
  • Hilary “Sunglasses” [b/w Love Is Blue] 1968
  • The Staff “City Business” [Renown] 1981
  • Troy Rainey “Tricky Tee Rap (Part 1)” [b/w Tricky Tee Rap (Part 2)] 1979
  • Vicky Leandros “St. Tropez – Gitarren Bei Nacht” [b/w Das Spiel Der Lotterie] 1970
  • The Mojo Men “Dance With Me” [b/w Loneliest Boy In Town] 1965
  • Manuel Gas “Cascarrabias Joe” [El Sonido De Manuel Gas] 1973
  • Helene Velu “Jangan Terpedaya” [Helene Velu] 1970
  • The Monroes ” What Do All The People Know” [b/w What Do All The People Know] 1982
  • Quentin E. Klopjaeger With The Gonks “Lazy Life” [b/w The Long Way Home] 1968
  • Massara ” Margherita (Love In The Sun)” [b/w Margherita (Instrumental Version)] 1979
  • The Rhythm Trunks “Le Mann” [Electric Sound] Year Unknown
  • pragVEC “Expert” [b/w The Follower] 1979
  • The Kimberlys “Elusive Butterfly” [Road To Entertainment] Year Unknown
  • Bimbi Worrick “Long Time Comin'” [b/w Tomorrow Is My Day] 1969
  • Fred Bongusto “Le Tentazioni Di Giorgia” [Gli Ordini Sono Ordini] 1972
  • Jack Reno “We All Go Crazy” [b/w Albuquerque] 1969
  • Lincoln “Amanhã O Tempo Muda” [b/w Obrigado Meu Pai] 1972
  • Kenny Rossi with the Sidekicks “Problem Child” [b/w Rock Away The Teardrops] 1959
  • Ghost Dance “When I Call” [b/w Fools Gold] 1987
  • Luis Alberto Del Parana And His Trio Los Paraguayos “Ende Que Te Vi” [Famous Latin-American Songs] 1957
  • T. J. Swan ” And You Know That (Vocal)” [b/w And You Know That (Instrumental)] Year Unknown


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