Can You Hear Me

We start digging at the bottom of the rabbit hole.  This week features a 1968 self released psychedelic pop album by a drag queen, a sort of DIY Kate Bush-like obscurity named Rebecca and a child singing a country song asking his mommy to stop being a stripper– and that’s just the beginning.  Dig deep, my friends. 

Songs Played

  • The Boys “Brickfield Nights” [b/w Teacher’s Pet] 1978
  • The Deep “Color Dreams” [Psychedelic Moods (A Mind Expanding Phenomena)] 1966
    • DJ Noah Fence called The Deep “psychsplotation” to me which I thought was hilarious. You should check out his show It’s a Nice World to Visit, his taste is impeccable.
  • Jack Shaindlin “Femme Fatale” [Show & Movie Themes] 1972
  • Joyce “Caqui” [Joyce] 1971
  • Jimmy Mayes & The Mill Street Depo “S.S.N. (Social Security Number)” [b/w S.S.N. (Social Security Number) Instrumental] 1973
  • Eddie Garrigan ‎ “Mail Call” [b/w I Wish I Was] Year Unknown
  • Troy Hess “Please Don’t Go Topless Mother” [b/w You Ought To See Pickles Now] 1972
    • Esoteria is pro-sex worker– please don’t think my playing of this song is intended to be critical of them. Just wanted to put that out there.
  • Rebecca “Dreamtime” [b/w One Foot In] 1986
    • Seriously, I’d love to know more about this record if someone recognizes it.
  • I Pyranas “Smile” [Motivi Di Ieri, Successi Di Oggi] 1969
  • The Surprise Package “New Way Home” [Free Up] 1968
  • Östro 430 “Sexueller Notstand” [Durch Dick & Dünn] 1981
  • J.K. & Co. “Fly” [Fly] 1968
  • The Hadacol Band “Everybody Loves That Hadacol” [b/w Hadacol Boogie] Year Unknown
    • I got the name of the Hadacol inventor wrong on air, it’s Dudley LeBlanc. You should really read this article about it, the story is much crazier than I had time to relay.
  • Annaabee-Nox “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me, Baby” [b/w Troll’op’s] 1966
  • Rabbit Creek Band “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore” [b/w Boogie Shoes] Year Unknown
  • Bolter “Nic Do Stracenia” [Bolter] Year Unknown
  • Ryan Paris “Paris On My Mind” [b/w Paris On My Mind (Instrumental Version)] 1984
  • York Bros. “Detroit Hula Girl” [b/w Going Home] Year Unknown
  • The Murdock Family “Someday He’ll Wake Me From The Dead” [Pathway Of Jesus] Year Unknown
  • Minette “On A Psychedelic Astro-Flight” [Come To Me At Tea Time] 1968
  • I’m So Hollow “Which Way..?” [Emotion / Sound / Motion] 1981
  • The Friendly Persuasion “Yours Truly Jack The Ripper” [b/w Apathy] 1974
  • Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Estate “Can’t Wait” [If You Believe in Music] 1981(?)
    • Supposedly written by Glen Frey but who knows?
  • Opposition “Breaking The Silence” [Breaking The Silence] 1981
  • Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders “Soul Food” [b/w Black Jack] 1969
  • Bulldog “Jennifer” [b/w A Man Before Your Time] 1986
Or, if you believe the record instead of the cover, Mystery of Sixs
  • Mystery Of Sixes “Mystery Of Sixes” [Sample] 1982
  • The Artwoods “Can You Hear Me” [Art Gallery] 1966
  • Crocheted Doughnut Ring “Maxine’s Parlour” [b/w Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes] 1968
  • Fàshiön Music “Product Perfect” [Pröduct Perfect] 1979
    • So many umlauts!
  • Bogies “Theme For Procrastination” [‘Bye ‘Bye Bogies] 1964
  • Dunn Pearson Jr. “Groove On Down” [b/w Groove On Down] 1978
  • The Particles “Truth About You” [Advanced Colouring] 1981



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