Don’t Blame Me

Nick Lowe can’t make a bad song no matter how hard he tries (and he tries hard here), a forerunner of rap music from 1946 (seriously) and a lounge version of “I’ve Got the Music In Me” where the singer is either drunk or high or…something…and give a performance you kind of need to hear to believe. All par for the course here on Esoteria.

Songs Played

  • Soul Hustlers “Super Party – Part 1” [ Super Party – Part II]
  • Life’s Story “Aaron Pryor ‘The Hawk'” [Aaron Pryor ‘The Hawk’ (Part 2)]
  • King Maker Mob “Mad Dogs” [Only Dogs]
  • Gang 90 & Absurdettes “Jack Kerouac” [Essa Tal De Gang 90 & Absurdettes]
  • Tartan Horde “Bay City Rollers We Love You” [b/w Rollers Theme (Instrumental)]
  • The Eitz Chaim Orchestras “Shir Baboker Baboker” [b/w Shehecheyanu]
  • Jo Squillo “Skizzo Skizzo” [b/w Energia Interna]
  • Enrique Ubieta “El Que Mas Dice” [b/w Viejito Canengo]
  • Anna Laura With The “New Sounds From Hollywood” “I Go With The Wind” [b/w Discover Me]
  • The Muzzy Band “I’ve Got The Music In Me” [How Was It? Live Album]
  • The Jubalaires “Noah” [Oh, Noah!]
  • The Tenants “Don’t Blame Me” [b/w $porting £ife]
  • Piccolos Echo “All Africa Games Star Of Gold” [b/w Oau Special (H/Life)]
  • Petticoat “Dreams” [Scaling Triangles]
  • Razzy “I Hate Hate” [b/w Singing Other People’s Songs]
Everything about this song is unexpected
  • Fresh Air “Kill Yourself” [Just Don’t Care]
  • Jimmy Salcedo “Concierto Pop” [Jimmy Salcedo Y Su Onda Tres]
  • Candidate “Strange Girl” [Side By Side]
  • Independence Junior High School Musical Organizations “Never My Love” [Our First Album]
  • Rough Terrain “Another Deal ” [b/w My Steady Girl ]
  • Electropulse “4.7” [b/w Voices]
  • Captain Don Steward and Cai Cai “The Sage of the Deep” [Bonaire Scube Fest 1]
  • Frankie Dash “Rock To The Moon” [b/w Rock Rhythm Roll]
  • The Sound Track “I See The Light” [Groovin’]
  • Olle Morgon “Se Mig” [018/Tio Grupper ]
  • Cuasares “Pentatonik” [Afro-Progresivo ]
  • Fantastique “Mama Told Me……” [b/w Musica Fantastica]
  • Together “I Loved You” [7″ Single]
  • The Sleep Of Reason “Shelters Are Melting” [The Sleep Of Reason]
  • Ευάγγελος Πιτσιλαδής – Γιάννης Κιούρκας ,Τραγουδούν: Άγγελος Αντωνόπουλος, Τζοβάνα “Θυσία” [b/w Θυσία (Ορχηστρικό)]
  • The Baby Dolls “Please Don’t Rush Me” [b/w There You Are]



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