Everything Is Beautiful

Lost songs, forgotten songs, songs that were never given a chance.  Come explore the forgotten treasures of funk, post-punk, lounge, soul, new wave and more!

Songs Played

  • The Fame Gang “Twangin’ My Thang” [b/w Turn My Chicken]
  • Mark Thor “Holiday Fire” [b/w Marc Thor & The Boize “Boystown Boize”]
  • The Peddlers “Tell The World We’re Not In” [b/w Rainy Day In London]
  • Rod Bernard “This Should Go On Forever” [b/w Pardon Mr. Gordon]
  • Amy “Small Talk” [b/w I’m The Best Thing That Happened To Me]
  • Mystery Trio “Strangers In The Night” [Mystery Trio + IV]
  • Robert Moore “Everything’s Gonna’ Be All Right” [b/w Can’t Help Myself]
  • The Lee’s “Everything Is Beautiful” [Reach The Top]
Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Les Rockets “Sexy Planet” [b/w Future Woman]
  • Sadistic Mika Band “Time Machine” [b/w Typhoon]
  • The Obsession “You Took A Shot At My Heart (Bang-Bang)” [b/w Could You Dig It]
  • Oakenshield “Credit” [7″ single]
  • Jo Ann Smith “Give A Man A Tree” [b/w Call Me Anything]
  • The Bizarros “Lady Doubonette ” [Lady Doubonette ]
  • Baseball “Ska – Ska – Chou – Chou” [b/w I Can’t Love You No More]
  • Cookie & His Cupcakes “Until Then” [b/w Close Up The Back Door]
  • Janeece “Hello Morning” [b/w Something Cloudin’ My Eyes]
  • Beth Anderson “I Can’t Stand It” [b/w Ocean Motion Mildew Mind]
  • The Philharmonics “Warsaw Concerto” [b/w Ray’s Tune]
The video for this song is really rad.
  • Pas De Deux “Mani Meme” [b/w Cardiocleptomanie]
  • Howard Carpendale “Du Hast Mich” [b/w Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1]
  • Marion “I Think I Said Yes” [b/w I Go To Sleep]
  • Inga “The Beat Goes On” [b/w Dein Spiel Ist Endlich Aus]
Marty and daughter Kim (of “Kids in America” fame) Wilde
  • Marty Wilde “All Night Girl” [b/w She’s A Mover]
  • Charlie Earlan “Black Talk – Part 1” [b/w Black Talk – Part 2]
  • Bill Doggett “Honky Tonk (Vocal)” [b/w Peacock Alley]
  • David T Walker “Love Vibrations” [b/w Doo Doo]
  • SOMB Orchestra “Instrumental” [b/w Cindy Lewis “Love Is A Hellava Feeling”]
  • The Pillisnorks “White” [4 Visitors]
  • U.S. 1 “Bye Bye Baby” [b/w Creation]
  • Raw Meat “Stand By Girl” [b/w Out In The Country]
  • X Rated “Blockhead Dance” [b/w Routine]
  • L’Oeil “Bernadette (1ère Partie – Version Parlée)” [b/w Bernadette (2ème Partie – Version Orchestrale)]
    • YOU try pronouncing that!
  • Metro “Criminal World” [b/w Precious]
  • Mr Jamo “Shake What You Brought With You-Part I” [b/w Shake What You Brought With You-Part II]



This show is originally broadcast on Freeform Portland, Portland’s only all volunteer, all music station. If you can, please help out with a donation to the station– we have cool swag, a Patreon and more! More info can be found at www.freeformportland.org .

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