Together Apart (Weekend Challenge Mix)

Times are tough– we are all separated by physical and psychic distance. We will persevere, though, with the power of community. If music is important to you to help keep yourself sane and positive, well, you’re not alone. 

This thing called Freeform Portland is completely built from the ground up on collaboration and cooperation, where people such as myself dedicate time and effort into keeping the airwaves full of beautiful, eccentric and fascinating music to help sooth our troubled souls.

Please help us move forward into 2021 in 4/4 time (or whatever time signature you prefer) by going to and making a tax-deductible donation towards keeping the music flowing, and some day soon we will be able to dance together again.The music all weekend is focused on the theme of Together Apart. We hope it brings you hope and joy and maybe just brings you a little closer to your friends and loved ones.

Songs Played

  • Fresh Color “Don’t Touch Me” [b/w Teaser] 1982
  • Tubeway Army “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” [Replicas (Remastered)] 1979
  • Andy Arthurs “I Can Detect You (For 100,000 Miles)” [b/w I Am A Machine]
  • Look de Paris “Hard Times Here” [b/w The End] 1980
  • Flag of Convenience “Life On The Telephone” [b/w The Other Man’s Sin] 1982
  • Jo Lemaire + Flouze “Follow Me In The Air” [b/w Do Something] 1979
  • The Sinceros “Worlds Apart” [b/w Walls, Floors & Ceilings] 1979


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