Esoteria: Best of 2019

I very rarely replay songs (or artists for that matter) on my show, but sometimes the songs are so good I want to hear them again. For our current winter fundraiser, I decided to present an hour of the absolute best songs I played in 2019, the ones that got under my skin and into my soul.

Speaking of fundraisers, this show was originally broadcast on Freeform Portland, KFFP-LP/KFFD-LP in Portland Oregon. We’re a completely volunteer run, all freeform, all music station that is only funded by listeners like you. We answer to nobody (except the FCC, of course) which is why the music is always something special. If you can afford to toss a couple of bucks our way (it’s tax-deductible!) please visit

Songs Played

  • La Bionda “I Wanna Be Your Lover” [b/w Action] 1980
  • U.S. Navy Band “Yesterday’s Lettuce” [Compliments Of] Date Unknown
  • Units “High Pressure Days” [High Pressure Days] 1979
  • Cumbias En Moog “Cumbia Del Sal” [b/w Cumbia Sobre El Mar] 1979
  • Jeremy ” Loneliness Is Such A Sad Affair” [ Loneliness Is Such A Sad Affair] 1976
  • F.R. David “La Vie C’est Comme Ci Comme Ca” [b/w C’est Ma Vie] 1969
  • Robert Hazard “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” [Demo] 1979
  • “Little” Jimmy Dickens “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” [b/w My Eyes Are Jealous] 1965
  • Luie Luie “El Touchy” [Touchy] 1974
  • Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins “Huddersfield Wastes” [The Invisible Girls] 2015 (recorded sometime between 1980 – 1987)
  • Butterfly Starpower “(I Love My) Parakeets” [You’re Not Supposed To Do That] 2014
  • Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo “Master Ship” [Mastership] 1981
  • 渡辺宙明 (Chumei Watanabe) ” スパイダーマンのテーマ (Theme of Spiderman)” [Eccentric Sounds of Spiderman エキセントリック サウンド オブ スパイダーマン] 1978
  • The Lollipops “Naked When You Come” [b/w Little Cat Lost] 1966
  • The Immortals “The Ultimate Warlord” [b/w Warlord (Part II)] 1979
  • St. John Green “Devil And The Sea” [St. John Green] 1968
  • Venus Gang “Space Woman” [b/w Dancing On The Stars] 1981


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