Future Fun

It’s time for another weekend challenge! These are always very fun and a great time to listen, especially during our WINTER FUNDRAISER (hint hint). This time the theme is Future Fun, and let me tell you, I can’t wait to be able to go outside and hug my friends and share a drink or a meal with them.  Until then there is staying safely at home and listening to varied and fantastical music on my favorite radio station, Freeform Portland. Mixes go from 4pm Friday until 4pm Sunday, so lots of chances to check out great music and think about this time next year.

And if you haven’t yet, and you’re able, please chip in a few bucks, will ya?  It’s tax-deductible!  Go to freeformportland.org and donate now!

Songs Played

  • Gene Bianco Featuring Mundell Lowe “Stairway To The Stars” [Harp, Skip & Jump] 1958
  • David Rose And His Orchestra “Forbidden Planet” [b/w Theme From “The Swan”] 1956
  • Vyacheslav Mescherin Ensemble (Ансамбль Электромузыкальных Инструментов П/У В. Мещерина) “Boat Trip (Прогулка на катере)” [Unknown] Year Unknown
  • Johnathan King “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon” [b/w Summer’s Coming] 1965
  • Hal Blaine “Love-in (December)” [Psychedelic Percussion] 1967
  • Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan “Orbit Aurora” [b/w Song Of The Second Moon] 1968
  • Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra “Asteroid Hop” [Count Down!] 1959
  • George Russell And His Orchestra Featuring Bill Evans “Chromatic Universe—Part 1” [Jazz In The Space Age] 1960
  • Theremin With Vocal Group And Orchestra, Harry Revel & Leslie Baxter “Radar Blues” [b/w Lunette] 1947
  • Manfred Mann “Come Tomorrow” [b/w What Did I Do Wrong?] 1965


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