Esoteria: Best of 2020

As I made a Best of 2019 mix, may as well as make a Best of 2020. Featuring some of my favorite songs I played this year, this is also a reminder that if you can spare it, please make a tax-deductible donation to help keep radio independence alive at

Songs Played

  • Goom “Good Morning” [b/w Petite Sieste] 1973
  • Alex Silvanni “Sereno E…” [Exitos Al Organo Vol.1] 1976
  • Use No Hooks “The Hook” [The Job] 2020
    • Originally recorded in 1983
  • CocknBullKid “Mexico” [Adulthood] 2011
  • Bappi Lahiri “Night Lovers” [Night Lovers: Bappi Lahiri’s Pop Songs] Year Unknown
  • Chef Slim Gaillard “Potato Chips” [Smorgasbord….. Help Your Self] 1956
The video for this song is so dope.
  • Rattles “The Witch” [b/w Get Away] 1970
  • The Reynettes “Rescue Me” [Kowloon, Hong Kong] 1966
  • Vijay Singh “My Body Has A Surging Fire” [Apman] 1982
  • Pulsallama “The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body” [b/w Ungawa Pt.II (Way Out Guiana)] 1982
  • Tommy Mandel “Allow Me (To Destroy You)” [Tommy Mandel] 1981
  • Dragon Sound “Against The Ninja” [Dragon Sound] 2012
    • Originally recorded in 1987
  • Manuel “Գոհմրիկ (Pearl)” [Սիրոյ Խոստումը (Promise Of Love)] 1976
  • Leona Anderson “Rats In My Room” [Music To Suffer By] 1956


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