Sunshine Girl

It’s time for something that hasn’t happened since March– I returned to the airwaves LIVE! Get ready for technical mishaps, weird music, awkward pauses and the good stuff only live radio can treat you to.

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Songs Played

  • Mike Mareen “Here Comes The Music” [b/w For You] 1979
  • Message “Sunshine Girl” [b/w Bubble Gum] 1971
  • Peter Scott Peters “Fallout Shelter” [b/w Moon Flight] 1961
Yeah, I don’t know either.
  • Meco “Lapti Nek (7″ Edit)” [b/w Ewok Celebration (7″ Edit)] 1983
  • Pepé Gamboa And His “Salsa Batida” “My Harp… In Salsa” [b/w My Good Humor] 1973
  • The Juan Maclean “Running Back To You” [In A Dream] 2014
  • Charles Dickens “That’s The Way Love Goes ” [b/w In The City] 1965
  • Chinafrica “Troubled World” [b/w Troubled World (Version)] 1980
  • Welcome Valley Boys “Banks of the Ohio” [Galax 73] Year Unknown
  • Doc Mo Shé “Hannukah Homeboy” [21 St Century Schmendrik Boy] 1995
  • Toto Coehlo “” I Eat Cannibals (Part One) (Extended Version)”” [b/w I Eat Cannibals (Part Two) (Extended Version)] 1982
  • Carl Harvey “Just Having Fun” [b/w Just Having Fun (Version)] Year Unknown
  • The Five Keys “Your Teeth and Tongue” [The Five Keys] 1960
  • Daniela Casa “Spiralys” [America Giovane N. 2] 1975
  • Lizard “New Kids In The City” [Lizard] 1979
  • Lolita Garrido “Yo Quiero Tener Un Bote” [b/w Negro Zumbon] 1953
  • Evergreen High School “Scorpio” [Music at Evergreen] 1973
  • Sonic “Rockin’ Disco a Go Go” [7″ single] 1976
    • I realized as soon as I played this song that I had originally played it in April. No idea how it snuck its way back in! Still, a good song.
  • Rosella Santo “Prendi, Prendi” [b/w Per Amore] 1968
    • This is a cover of “Bend Me, Shape Me” by the American Breed. Pretty sure I said it was by the Grass Roots on the air, but I was wrong. It was originally recorded by the Outsiders.
  • Inner Landscapes “In Waiting” [New Music From Long Island] 1980
  • Disconnection “Bali Ha’i (Radio Mix)” [Bali Ha’i] 1982
  • Johnnie Ray With Ray Conniff “You Don’t Owe Me A Thing” [b/w Look Homeward, Angel] 1957
  • Boys Say Go “Serious Cat” [Hit the Floor] 1984
  • The Floaters “Jerk Right” [I See Blue at The Vault] 1965


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