It Happens Everyday

The obscure and the forgotten, unearthed for your listening pleasure. This week we’ve got Greek post-punk, Nigerian disco-funk, Canadian new wave-reggae and other hyphenated genres that I’d probably have to make up.

Songs Played

  • Parade Ground “Moans” [Dual Perspectives] 1987
  • Mandrill “Mandrill” [Mandrill] 1974
  • Cleveland Robinson, Jr. “Love Is A Trap” [b/w A Loaf Of Bread] 1965
  • The Lemon Drops “It Happens Everyday” [Crystal Pure!] 1985
  • Dee Clark “Nobody But You” [b/w When I Call On You] 1958
  • The Outlaws “Crazy Drums” [b/w Valley Of The Sioux] 1969
    • Produced by Joe Meek
  • Les Chakachas “Canalla” [b/w Ma – Ma – Du] 1951
  • Screaming Meemees “Till I Die” [Seemeego-o] 1981
  • The Undertakers “It’s My Time” [b/w Unchain My Heart] 1966
  • Wazmo Nariz “Tele-Tele-Telephone” [ Wacker Drive] 1978
  • The C.O.D.’s “Pretty Baby” [b/w I’m A Good Guy] 1965
  • Adriano Pappalardo “Vanessa Moda Gaia” [Oh! Era Ora] 1983
  • Les Sandgate “Fever” [Fever] Year Unknown
  • Higher Presence “Our Song” [KOMP FM 92 Volume 3] 1983
  • The End “Panic In The Night” [Sent From Coventry] 1980
  • Kathe Green “Only A Fool” [Run The Length Of Your Wildness] 1969
  • The Surfers “Windsurfin” [b/w Nite At The Beach] 1978
  • The Wild Side “Cold As Ice” [b/w Tell Me Why] 1981
  • Commy Bassey “We Want Togetherness” [Let’s Dance] 1980
  • Fiction Factory “(Feels Like) Heaven” [b/w Everyone But You] 1983
  • Sum 1 featuring Dana Frauzel “Disco Mind” [Sum 1 & Dana Frauzel] 1981
  • Malo “Café” [b/w Peace] 1972
  • Ze Popes “Sexy Pyjamas” [b/w Sell Jesus] 1979
  • Ray Barretto “Indestructible” [Indestructible] 1973
  • Nathaniel Mayer And The Fortune Braves “I Want Love And Affection (Not The House Of Correction)” [b/w From Now On] 1966
  • Self Control “Falling” [Fear Of Rehearsals] 1981
  • 欧陽菲菲 (Ouyang Fei Fei) ” 雨の御堂筋 (Stranger In Midoosuji)” [b/w 愛のともしび( Ai No Tomoshibi)] 1971
  • Horace Andy “Money Money” [Dance Hall Style] 1982
  • Alive She Died “Radio Hero” [Viva Voce + Unreleased Tracks 1984 – 86] 2017
  • Please “Ego Trippin’ (Long)” [b/w Ego Trippin’ (Short)] 1976
    • Written by Edwin Starr!


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