A Few More Miles

An adventure into those record boxes that are under the counter or lost in an attic. Predictability is so predictable.


  • Timebox “Beggin'” [b/w A Woman That’s Waiting] 1968
  • Mexican Church “Mexican Church” [b/w Thank You My Love] 1978
    • For what it’s worth, they’re Italian?
  • Moskow “Heat-House” [b/w Robot] 1982
    • And they’re from the UK
  • Betty Madigan “True Love Gone” [b/w A Lovely Night] 1957
Now that’s style.
  • Guy Lemaire “More More More” [Point D’Orgue Disco] 1976
  • Ambulatorio Segreto “Do Not Smoke In The Aeroplane” [The Plague’s Progress] 1989
  • The Blue Nile “The Downtown Lights” [The Downtown Lights] 1989
  • The Slades “You Cheated” [b/w The Waddle] 1959
  • Sharon Bailey “Cosmic Dust (Vocal)” [Cosmic Dust] 1981
    • I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anything from the Salsoul label I didn’t like.
  • Pig Meat Markham “Let’s Have Some Heat” [b/w Your Wires Have Been Tapped] 1958
  • Cloverbottom “Battery” [Never In Nashville] 1989
  • Dave Lee And The Act Of Congress “Up On The Hill” [b/w J.C.’s Boogie Woogie] Year Unknown
    • Seemed appropriate for the day a president was impeached for the second time.
  • Rocky Teoh “Jacqueline” [Jacqueline] 1965
    • Some more info on Rocky Teoh, ‘Malaysia’s First and Best Elvis Presley Impersonator’
  • Plunky & Oneness Of JuJu Introducing Virtania Tillery “Be About The Future” [Electric Juju Nation / Keep It Moving] 1984
  • Sherwin Linton “I Fell In Love With Dolly Parton” [b/w Put Another Log On The Fire] 1978
  • Creative Funk “Funk Power” [b/w Ready Made Family] 1972
  • AFC “Danny Boy” [Alms Not Arms] 1981
  • Hal Singer And His Orchestra “Hounds Tooth” [b/w Crossroads] 1956
  • Country Earth “A Few More Miles” [b/w Rocky Top] Year Unknown
  • The Pipe Dream “January Girl” [Wanderers / Lovers] 1969
  • Joe Odom “Big Love” [b/w It’s In Your Power] 1968
  • Chuzpe ” Marilyn” [b/w Der Meister Und Margherita] 1981
  • Anthony Dares Progress “Devil” [b/w Higher and Higher] 1966
  • Herb Hardesty “Perdido Street” [b/w Adam And Eva] 1961
  • Pete Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto “Aqui Viene El Juez (Here Come The Judge)” [b/w La Gente Quiere Saber (People Want To Know)] Year Unknown
  • Sara Goes Pop “Moslem Computer” [Sara Goes Pop] 1982
  • Ede, Marsha, Cynthia “Super Champs” [b/w Go Get’Em Cowboys] 1977
    • This song cut out halfway through for some reason. Sorry!
  • Evergreen “Love Dancin'” [World Called Love] 1976
  • ၼၢင်းသီႇဝၼ်း (Nang Si Wan) “Unknown” [မႃးလႄႇတူၺ်းၵဵင်းတုင်] 1977
  • Johnny Noubarian Quartet “Tanganyika” [b/w Susie (You Know Who)] 1957
Seriously, how great is that cover?
  • Violaine “Adieu L’ Amitié” [Ford Mustang] 1966
  • Corpo Diplomático “Lisboa (Quem quer comprar um Ferrari)” [Música Moderna] 1979


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