I’m a Cult Hero

I had a technical issue with the live broadcast on this show, so I reconstructed the show with NO talking (other than a brief intro). Enjoy not having to hear me talk between songs!

Songs Played

  • Luna “Perdidos En La Ciudad” [Luna] 1983
    • Not the band that formed from Galaxie 500, this one was from Spain
  • Ivan Cattaneo “Tabù” [b/w Agitare Prima Dell’Uso] 1978
  • Connie Francis “Robot Man” [b/w Mama] 1960
  • Fausto Papetti “Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe” [b/w Yellow River] 1970
  • The Vipers Skiffle Group “Hey Liley, Liley Lo” [b/w Jim Dandy] 1957
You can’t go wrong with the greensleeves.
  • Duncan Lamont “The Fuzz” [Rock Spectrum] 1975
    • Heard this on a mix by the excellent DJ tomanek. You can listen to his shows on his Mixcloud page.
  • Techtones “That Girl” [b/w The Silencer] 1980
  • Luiz Gonzaga “O Xóte Das Meninas” [b/w 13 De Dezembro] 1953
  • The Kitchen Cinq “Last Chance To Turn Around” [Everything But] 1967
  • Mark Levy “Room At The Top” [Leviathan: In The Heart Of The Beast] 1980
  • Jackie Seven “Le Rythme Du Rock” [Viens Danser Le Twist] 1961
  • Cult Hero “I’m a Cult Hero” [b/w I Dig You] 1979
    • This is actually the Cure, recording under a different name.
  • Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra “My Shawl – Rumba” [Rumbas] 1947
  • Hédika “Hey Pony “Pony Time”” [Hey Pony / Journal Intime / Il Ne Veut Plus Être Un Dragueur / J’ai Peur De L’amour] 1961
  • The Afro-Americans, Sticks Evans, Lila St. John “Africa Laments” [b/w Talking Drums] Year Unknown
  • Adrian Lloyd “Lorna” [b/w Got A Little Woman] 1965
  • The Swallows “It Ain’t The Meat” [b/w Eternally] 1952
    • This song is the source of the expression “It’s not the size that matters, it’s the motion of the ocean,” even though the song itself is about women and not men’s junk.
  • Jet Staxx “I’m Gonna Be The Best Guy” [b/w You’ll Get The Chop] 1978
  • Hertz “Der Monde” [b/w Das Schicksal] 1979
  • The No Comments “あの娘のウエスタン・ストリート” [ザ・ノーコメンツ] 1980
  • Mary Jane “I Don’t Have A Mind Of My Own” [b/w See That Girl] Year Unknown
  • Chaps “Constant Journey” [Candy] 1971
  • Hilary Laddin “The Sell” [b/w City Of Fame] 1980
  • UHF “Jorge Morreu ” [Jorge Morreu] 1979
  • Hugo Fattoruso, Osvaldo Fattoruso “Amaneciendo” [La Bossa Nova De Hugo Y Osvaldo] 1969
  • Johnny Devlin “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” [b/w When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again] 1958
    • New Zealand’s first rock star!
  • The Mother Love “Carousel Of Daydreams” [Carousel Of Daydreams] 1970
  • Student Nurse “Snow” [Student Nurse] 1979
  • Dub Oven “Skin ‘N’ Bones” [Skin ‘N’ Bones] 1980
  • Les Chats Sauvages “Sans Raison (I Love You For Sentimental Reasons)” [b/w Amour Et Rock] 1961
  • Siobhan Crawley “Do The Dark” [Somewhere In Between] 1983
  • Gradie O’Neal And The Bella Tones “Turkey Neck Stretch” [b/w Baby “Oh” Baby] 1958


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