Lying All the Time

So I got a new microphone for Christmas and finally figured out how to set it up about five seconds before I went on the air, which led to some awkwardness! Oh well, it’s live radio.

Songs Played

  • Chet ‘Poison’ Ivey And His Fabulous Avengers “Shake A Poo Poo” [b/w Handle With Care] 1968
  • Lucille Matthews “I’m Not You Regular Woman” [b/w Am I Asking Too Much] 1968
  • Zenova “Aura Of Erotica ” [b/w L’Aura De Eros] 1981
  • Zoe And The Stormies “The Girl Of Ye – Ye” [b/w Let’s Shake, Baby] 1968
  • Apogee & Perigee “Hope” [超時空コロダスタン旅行記] 1984
  • Benis Cletin “Get Up And Dance” [Alpha & Omega] 1978
  • The Art Attacks “I Am a Dalek” [b/w Neutron Bomb] 1978
  • Mitzi Mars With Sax Mallard And Orchestra “Roll ‘Em” [b/w I’m Glad] 1953
  • The Embers ” Fast David And The Wolfpack (Vocal)” [Fast David And The Wolfpack (Instrumental)] 1974
  • Burhan Tonguç Ritim Grubu, İsmet Sıral “Fundacık Du-Bi-Ba” [b/w Buzlu Cam] 1968
  • Pat Hunt “Super Cool (You’re Just Super Fool)” [b/w Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool] 1979
  • Colortapes “Cold Anger” [b/w Leaves Of China] 1968
  • Men at Work “Down Under” [b/w Keypunch Operator] 1980
  • Jim Ballou “Keep On Playin'” [Key To A Fantasy] 1988
  • Alice Dona “Les Garçons” [Les Garçons] 1963
  • Star Quake “Don’t You Know I Love You (Part I) ” [b/w Don’t You Know I Love You (Part II)] 1979
  • 10,000 Maniacs “My Mother The War” [Live on the Tube] 1984
  • Strange Advance “We Run” [2wo] 1985
  • Shades of Blue “The Night” [b/w Happiness] 1966
  • Teddy Tyle Quintet “Moonshot” [Moon Shot] 1957
  • O.K. “Okay! (Mixed-Media-Edit)” [Okay! (Instrumental Version)] 1987
  • Teresa Brewer “‘Till I Waltz Again With You” [‘Till I Waltz Again With You] 1953
  • Stephen David Heitkotter “Cadillac Woman” [Heitkotter] 1971
    • Only 25 copies were pressed! Talk about rare.
  • The Maskman & The Agents “Yaw’ll” [b/w One Eye Open] 1968
  • Outsiders “Lying All The Time” [b/w Thinking About Today] 1966
  • Billy Murray “That Naughty Melody” [Walter Van Brunt “Where Did You Get That Girl?”] 1913
  • Blackmale “Let’s Get At It” [b/w Be For Real] 1975
  • Les Bourgeois De Calais “J’ai Besoin D’Amour” [b/w J’ai Vingt Ans] 1962
  • Dizzy Jones ” Just As Sure (As You Play, You Must Pay)” [b/w Why Me] 1966
  • Milt Herth And His Trio “Jungle Fantasy” [b/w Careless Lips] 1955
  • XCleavers “Confusion (Do The)” [Confusion (Do The)] 1980
  • Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck “One Glass For Wine” [Home Grown Stuff] 1969


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