Get Yourself Together

I’m back, baby!

Songs Played

  • Geno Jordan & Velvet Touch “Hold On To Your Stuff” [b/w Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy] 1980
  • The Lambrettas “Beat Boys In The Jet Age” [Beat Boys In The Jet Age] 1980
  • Kris & Jerry “The Boy I Really Love” [A Sunny Day] 1976
  • Linda Van Dyck With Boo & The Booboos “Stengun” [b/w Boo & The Booboos “Oriental Boo”] 1966
  • Mens Room “In Car Stereo” [Mens Room] 1984
  • Don Dennis “Rise And Fall Of A Man” [b/w King Of Liars] Year Unknown
  • The Naked Souls “We’re Movin'” [b/w Trouble In The Family] Year Unknown
  • Larry Voltz “Sitcom” [The Last Rainbow] 1981
    • This guy was nineteen years old and recorded and produced this whole album by himself in his basement!
  • Billy Williams & Invaders “Space Invaders (Vocal)” [b/w Space Invaders (Instrumental)] 1984
  • Yutaka Fukuda “Call My Name” [Call My Name] 1976
  • Black Papas “Mimpi” [Black Papas Vol : 2] Year Unknown
    • Their first album came out in 1977, so probably around then.
  • Tony Mason “Scram” [b/w A Heart For Rent Or Sale] 1967
  • Tony T featuring Leroy Ace Miller “Make You Move (Vocal)” [b/w Make You Move (Instrumental)] 1984
  • Jeeps “Bonito Diablo” [The Crawdad Song] 1960
  • “Fabulous” Watts Community Choir “The Lord’s Prayer” [b/w He’s Not Heavy] Year Unknown
  • 44 East Band “I Like Your Ways” [b/w KMJM St. Louis “Station Montage”] 1985
    • Thanks, Budweiser? Actually, this song is rad, so I shouldn’t talk.
  • The Invictas “I Get So Lonesome” [b/w Plantation Twist] 1962
  • Livin’ End “Society” [b/w The World’s Goin’ Round] 1967
  • Chuck Murphy “The Honeymoon Is Over” [b/w A Thousand Times] 1951
  • The Gestures “Run, Run, Run” [b/w It Seems To Me] 1964
  • Magic Slim “Scufflin'” [b/w Sollie McElroy “Party Time”] Year Unknown
Those are some groovy Dutch dudes.
  • Soul Sound “Boogaloo For You ” [b/w Soul Bound To Soul Sound] 1969
  • Big Black “Two Moonlins And Mother” [b/w Two Moonlins And Mother] 1969
    • Definitely not Steve Albini
  • Ray Whitaker & Orchestra “Similau” [b/w Taboo] Year Unknown
  • Vicky “Dance With Me Until Tomorrow” [b/w Give Me Your Hand] 1968
  • The Gun “Rupert’s Travels” [b/w Drives You Mad] 1969
  • Lou Pride “I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un” [b/w I’m Not Thru Lov’un You] Year Unknown
  • Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires “Yoga Is As Yoga Does” [Easy Come, Easy Go] 1967
  • Armaggeddon “Get Yourself Together (Part 1)” [Get Yourself Together (Part 2)] 1971
  • Jimmie Ellis “I Gotta See My Baby” [b/w Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love] Year Unknown
  • The Bumps “Please Come Down” [b/w Baby Blue] 1967
  • “Cleveland Rapper” Abraham Klein & Lisa Sharp “Look-Out World The Browns Are Coming True!” [b/w Abraham & Lisa “Coventry Love”] 1981


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