As Above, So Below

A sixty minute set of some songs that went unplayed on previous shows, plus a couple of favorites to mix it up a little.

Songs Played

  • Use No Hooks “Do the Job” [The Job] 2020
    • Recorded in 1983, but this comp didn’t come out until last year. It’s in heavy rotation in my free listening time.
  • Whitefield Brothers “Chokin'” [In The Raw] 2009
  • The Andrews Sisters “Rum And Coca-Cola” [b/w No, Baby] 1957
  • Dominic Grant “Don’t Stop Girl” [b/w I’ve Been There] 1968
  • Lim Taylor “The World’s In A Bad Situation” [You Hear Me Knocking] 1974
  • The Press Club “I’m Watching You” [It’s No Game] 1985
  • Bernard Saint Clair “Le Bourreau” [Le Bourreau] 1965
  • Percy Faith “Enter the Dragon” [Coraz√≥n] 1973
  • Black Fox “Voyage to the Moon” [b/w The Journey Of Men] 1969
  • Gilbert Safrani “Les Gens S’En Vont Dans Le Ciel” [b/w Mais Que Fait-Il?] 1966
  • Marion Marlowe “The Hands Of Time” [b/w Ring Phone Ring] 1956
  • Fabio Fabor “Trillo Del Diavolo” [Pape Satan] 1980
  • Nicole Martin “Rien N’est Impossible” [b/w Bravo] 1977
  • The Clean “Jala” [Getaway] 2001
  • The Zodiac “Aries – The Fire-Fighter” [b/w Aquarius – The Lover Of Life] 1967
  • Tom Tom Club “As Above, so Below” [Tom Tom Club] 1981
  • Blinkers “Hello Blinkers” [b/w Goodnight Blinkers] 1967
    • So apparently this is super rare, it was recorded at the Blinkers night club and distributed to its patrons. It’s the first time a couple of the members of 10cc ever performed together.
  • Power Of Attorney “Changing Man” [b/w Fillet of Soul] 1973


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