A Girl is a Gun

Join me for a plunge into the deep end of the record bins. Discover something new!

Songs Played

  • Charles Leonard “A Funky Driver on a Funky Bus (Part 1)” [b/w A Funky Driver On A Funky Bus (Part 2)] 1971
  • Magdelene Fields “Christmas Island” [New Reaction] 1988
  • Adrian Munsey “C’est Sheep (Part I)” [b/w C’est Sheep (Part II)] 1979
  • Kenny Graham’s Afro-Cubists “Afro Kadabra Pt.1” [b/w Afro Kadabra Pt. 2] 1954
  • Catholic Girls “Boys Can Cry” [Catholic Girls] 1982
  • Debbie Raymond “Rollerdisco” [b/w Fly The Breeze] 1979
  • Florian Monday And His Mondos “Mondo Moe” [b/w Mondo] 1964
  • New York Skyy “Here’s to You” [b/w No Music] 1980
  • Franco Chiari “Love Ride To Montecarlo” [Al Sint] Year Unknown
  • Les Lutins “Je Cherche” [b/w Elle N’a Rien Compris] 1967
  • Sally Swan “Tell Me Why” [Tell Me Why] 1984
  • Bruce And Vlady “Blue Variations” [The Reality] 1970
  • La Strada “On” [980-1983 “Hokej Klub Virginitas”] Year Unknown
  • Barış Manço “Hal Hal” [b/w Eğri Büğrü] 1981
  • Patrice Moullet “A Girl Is a Gun” [A Girl is a Gun OST] 1971
  • Del Buckingham “Smilin’ Lady” [No Gimmicks] 1974
  • The Journey Back “Synthetic People” [b/w Run Away Baby] 1968
  • Sibylle Baier “Tonight” [Colour Green] 2006
  • Chico O’Farrill & His Orchestra “Taboo” [b/w The Disappearance] 1953
  • Mickey And The Soul Generation “Iron Leg” [b/w Chocolate] 1969
  • Landscape III ” So Good, So Pure, So Kind (Extended Version)” [b/w The Fabulous Neutrinos (Extended Club Version)] 1983
  • The Outsiders ” The Guy With The Long Liverpool Hair” [b/w The Outsider] 1965
  • Izge-Ay “Сүнгән ялкыннар” [Unknown] Year Unknown
  • Bennie Conn “I Don’t Have” [b/w Have You Had A Love] Year Unknown
  • Arif Sağ “Şu Samsunun Evleri (Kolbastı)” [b/w Osman Pehlivan (Püfde)] 1973
  • New Motion Band “Haunted House” [b/w Jackass Blues]Year Unknown
  • Don Gere “Mount Shasta Home” [ Werewolves On Wheels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)] 2011
  • After All “Blue Satin” [After All] 1969
  • فضول (Fadoul) “Tayeh” [ الزمان صعيب (Al Zman Saib)] 2015
  • Dee Hartman “Devil Drums” [b/w My Man] 1980
  • The Abstrack Sound “Judge Him if You Can” [b/w Your Gona Break My Heart] 1966


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