Be There, Baby

There is so much music out there that has been overlooked or forgotten. I’m on a mission to share the best of it with you, dear listener.

Songs Played

  • Jimmy Norman “Gangster Of Love (Part I)” [b/w Gangster Of Love (Part II)] 1968
  • ムーンライダーズ (Moon Riders) “紡ぎ歌 (Tsumugiuta)” [Moon Riders] 1977
  • Jack Costanzo “I Got A Bongo” [b/w Barracuda] 1959
  • Se “Mä Haluan Elää” [b/w Mitä Me Tehdään?] 1978
  • Os Cariocas “Partido Alto” [b/w Ronald Mesquita “Águas de Março”] 1974
  • Parrish Broxton “Be There Baby” [b/w The Thrill Of Loving You] 1966
  • Googie Rene “The Slide Part I” [b/w The Slide Part II] 1960
  • Jane Aire And The Belvederes “Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache” [Jane Aire And The Belvederes] 1979
  • Bebe And Donnie Singer “Bi-Cycle” [b/w Lady Rhythm] 1978
  • The Crusade “Psychedelic Woman” [b/w Fade Away] 1967
  • Supermax “Musicexpress” [World Of Today] 1977
  • Jose Curbelo And His Orchestra “El Pescador” [b/w The Hiss-Ing Cha Cha Cha (Guayaba)] 1956
  • Char “Thrill” [Thrill] 1978
  • مهرپویا ” تویست (toeist)” [b/w ساربان (Sareban)] 1960
  • La Playa Sextet “Bombon Cha” [b/w Bilongo] 1957
  • Sheena & The Rokkets “Lazy Crazy Blues” [真空パック] 1979
  • Szűcs Judit “Rólad Szól (It Speaks Of You)” [Táncolj Még!] 1978
  • Boogaloo Joe Jones “Brown Bag” [Right On Brother] 1970
  • The Shirts “Teenage Crutch” [The Shirts] 1978
  • Space Art “Onyx” [b/w Axus] 1977
  • The Peers “Once Upon a Time” [b/w Palisades Park] 1966
  • Pacheco “Soul Piper” [Latin Piper] 1968
  • Marie Franklin “Don’tcha Bet No Money” [b/w You Ain’t Changed] 1968
  • Zones “Sign of the Times” [b/w Away From It All] 1978
  • Paul Tornado “Van Agt Casanova” [b/w Ik Wil Jou Zijn (Mijn Idool)] 1977
  • The Flugel Knights “Dessert” [b/w Mrs. Robinson] 1968
  • Paki “Il Segno Del Tuo Amore” [b/w Le Formiche] 1968
  • Ann Steel “My Time” [Ann Steel] 1979
  • The Three Suns “Volcano” [b/w Cha Cha Charleston] 1958
  • The Fearless Four “Rockin’ It” [b/w Rockin’ It (Instrumental)] 1982


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