You Turn Me On

Obscure tunes from all over the world– Japanese disco, Egyptian funk, South African post-punk and more and more and more.

Songs Played

  • APB “I’d Like To Shoot You Down” [b/w Talk To Me] 1981
  • Love Tractor “I Broke My Saw” [Themes From Venus] 1988
  • Fat Larry’s Band “Lookin’ For Love (Short Version)” [b/w Lookin’ For Love (Long Version)] 1979
  • Julio Gutierrez Y Su Orquesta “El Divorcio” [Cha Cha Cha] 1955
  • Kalahari Surfers “Houghton Parents” [Sleep Armed] 1988
  • Cactus World News “Worlds Apart” [b/w Cashen Bay Strand] 1986
  • Tres & Kitsy “Dandelions” [Dandelions] 1971
    • The artists stated in an interview that they were known as “Tres & Kitsy,” the album was called “Dandelions,” and they called themselves “Children of Sunshine.” According to Discogs
  • Jason Crest “Waterloo Road” [b/w Education] 1969
  • Iamai “Soccer U.S.A. ” [b/w Go Johnny] Year Unknown
  • The Jones “San Juanito” [b/w Hey Mina (Foul)] 1969
  • Bobby Setter’s Cash & Carry “Bullfrog Legs” [b/w Buena Mooga] 1974
  • Clem Tholet “Rhodesians Never Die” [b/w Hey, Hey, Jerome] 1973
    • The whole Rhodesia thing is an interesting read. The important takeaway though is that it no longer exists and is now rightfully Zimbabwe. Thanks Imperialism!
  • Sinking Ships “The Cinema Clock” [b/w Strangers] 1980
  • Jabberwock “Sneakin’ Snaky” [b/w Fortune Teller] 1977
  • The Sports “Who Listens To The Radio” [b/w So Obvious] 1978
  • 山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) “ファンキー・フラッシン (Funky Flushin’)” [b/w 永遠の (Full Moon)] 1979
  • July “My Clown” [July] 1968
  • J.M. Bly & Green Waves “Waterfall” [b/w Empty Room] 1977
  • Glenn Neale “Going Across Canada” [Love & Life] 1974
  • Push “You Turn Me On” [b/w It Ain’t Never Been This Funky] 1978
  • Brasiliana Teatro Folclorico Brasileiro de Miecio Askanasy com Nelson Ferraz “Gingando” [Ritmos, Danças E Canções Do Brasil] 1955
  • Turquiose “Tales Of Flossie Fillett” [b/w 53 Summer Street] 1968
  • Yachts “Suffice to Say” [b/w Freedom (Is A Heady Wine)] 1977
  • Linx “You’re Lying” [b/w You’re Lying (Instrumental)] 1980
  • Arcus “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” [Launching No 1] 1973
  • Pauk “Bijeg” [b/w Momak Iz Provincije] 1981
  • المصريين (Al Massrieen) “صح (Sah)” [بنات كتير] 1980
  • Young Ladies “He’s Gone to Another” [b/w I’m Tired Of Running Around] 1970
  • Tonight “Drummer Man” [b/w Stroll On By] 1978


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