Don’t Be Hasty

I’m back, baby! Can’t let technology keep me down. Spoiler alert: I might have multiple theme songs cued up for shows starring monkeys. Just saying.

Songs Played

  • Reuben Wilson And The Cost Of Living “Tight Money” [Got To Get Your Own] 1975
  • The 3rd Evolution “Don’t Play With Me” [b/w Gone Gone, Gone] 1966
  • Phyllys & Bryan Barnes “Jive Talkin'” [Just Us 2] Year Unknown
  • The Henchmen “Walk With Me Baby” [I’ve Had Enough! Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates / Volume Four] Compilation released 2009, year of recording unknown
  • Barrabas “On The Road Again” [b/w Please Mr. Reagan, Please Mr. Breznev] 1981
  • Les Gam’s avec Annie Markan “Impatiente (D’être Seul Pour Pleurer) “Invitation To A Broken Heart”” [Une Petite Larme M’a Trahie] 1964
  • Pete Crosby “Raise Hell” [b/w What Do You Think About (That Girl Now)] Year Unknown
  • Yvonne “Jambo Sana Africa” [b/w When Summer’s Gone] Year Unknown
  • Robert Charlebois “Pape Music” [Robert Charlebois] 1983
  • Miss Venus, Das Interplanetarische Studio-Orchester “Der Wunderdoktor” [b/w Der Apoll Vom Bikini-Atoll (Aua-Aua)] 1963
  • Victoria “Body Wave ” [b/w Don’t Ever Take Your Love From Me] 1977
  • Tony Fabbri “Don’t Be Hasty” [7″ single] Year Unknown
  • The Cutaways “Hold Me ” [b/w I’ll Never Fall In Love Again] 1965
It’s shocking to me how this is a real album cover.
  • Jerry “Nyt Tanssitaan” [b/w Jalat Vie (Footloose)] 1984
    • I’m now regretting I didn’t play Jerry’s cover of “Footloose”
  • Larry Williams “Bad Boy” [b/w She Said, “Yeah”] 1959
  • T.C. Matic “O La La La” [T.C. Matic] 1981
  • Mike & The Censations “There Is Nothing I Can Do About It” [b/w Don’t Mess With Me] 1965
  • November Group “Work That Dream” [Work That Dream] 1985
  • J.B. Sky “Lonesome Cowboys” [Reach For The Sky] 1977
  • Comedian Harmonists “Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus” [Lebe Wohl, Gute Reise] Recorded on 15th November 1934 in Berlin
  • Erth “Dreaming of You” [Erth] 1986
  • The Saxons “Road Of Dreams ” [b/w Tangle-Weed] 1958
    • I may have accidentally played both sides of this.
So many great album covers this week!
  • Trefethen “It Just Followed Me Home ” [Am I Stupid Or Am I Great?] 1980
  • Tsvia Abarbanel “Im Nin’Alu” [Eastern Soul] Compilation released 2018, originally recorded in 1970
Nothing Freudian here, I’m sure.
  • Malcom And The Bad Girls “Shoot Me (Vocal)” [b/w Shoot Me (Instrumental)] 1983
  • Watsonian Institute “Master Funk” [Master Funk] 1978
  • White Witch “Sleepwalk” [White Witch] 1982
  • Candi Staton “I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool)” [I’m Just A Prisoner] 1970


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