Do Your Thing

Because you need some new music in your life.

Songs Played

  • The Isley Brothers “Fight the Power, Pts. 1 & 2” [The Heat Is On] 1975
  • B.W.H. “Stop” [b/w Livin’ Up] 1983
  • The Brats “You’re So Cute” [b/w So Hard To Forget] 1980
  • Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals “Black Precious Colour” [Loneliness] 1980
  • Herbie Hancock “I Thought It Was You” [Sunlight] 1976
  • The Up Tights “Look A Little Higher” [b/w Just A Dream] 1969
  • Coleman Reunion “Do Your Thing” [b/w Barbara] 1973
  • Dance Chapter “Anonymity” [b/w New Dance] 1980
  • Dominique Le Roux Avec La Complicité De Gontran “Ballade Pour Un Mur” [Années 70] 1979
  • Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds “Don’t Pull Your Love Out” [Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds] 1971
    • Because why not? I love this song. Just learned that the backing band was the Wrecking Crew, which makes a lot of sense. Kind of wish they were the backing band for EVERY band.
  • Danny And Lynda “Show Me One Place” [Gospel] 1972
  • Cécile Michel “Des Histoires D’Amour” [b/w Dis-Moi Maman] Year Unknown
  • Carl Erdmann “Devil Worship” [Bizzarrophytes] 1980
  • The Mascots “Goodbye” [b/w For Him] 1965


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