What Goes Around Comes Around

All of the music you deserve in your life!

Songs Played

  • Liz Mey ” Disco Queen” [b/w Traumjunge] 1983
  • Lou Fratto and Ruckus “Posessed” [b/w I Loved You] Year Unknown
  • Neoton Família “California Dreaming (Kaliforniáról Álmodom)” [Neoton Disco] 1978
    • I can’t get oover how great this track is.
  • Elli & Jacno “Je T’Aime Tant” [b/w Oh Là Là] 1981
  • New Math “They Walk Among You” [They Walk Among You] 1981
  • Göran Rydh “Keep On Joggin'” [b/w Keep On Joggin’ (Version)] 1979
  • White Russia “Valentine” [b/w Clothes] 1980
  • Highview Jr. High School Concert Band “Get It On” [Band-Choir-Orchestra 1972-1973] 1973
  • Portraits “Little Women” [b/w Easy] 1979
  • Greg Sonnleitner “Misunderstood” [Music From Santa Cruz Volume 1] 1978
  • Leisure Process “A Way You’ll Never Be” [b/w Love Cascade (Dance Mix)] 1982
  • The Big Bossman (Bob Darian) “Do The Bat-Mo” [b/w (Tonight I’ll Go) Way Across The Sea] 1966
  • Red Wing “Magic Of Daytona” [b/w Paradise Bound] 1976
  • Punchy & Early Warning System “Git It” [b/w Whole Lotta Jammin’] 1976
  • Young And Company “Strut Your Stuff (Sexy Lady)” [b/w Got To Be Free] 1981
  • The Spiders “Yves” [Let’s Go Spiders! GS I Love You Volume 3] 2000
    • Recorded sometime in the early 1960s
  • Brandi Wells “What Goes Around Comes Around” [b/w Falling In Love] 1981
  • The Kings Brothers of Kitwe “Godeam Ogolos” [Seasonal Top Release] 1977
  • Macondo “Cayuco” [Macondo] 1982
  • The Nauts “I Don’t Wanna Be Like You” [b/w Black Market World] 1979
  • 櫻花 (Sakura) “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” [櫻花] 1971
  • Moment Of Truth “Helplessly” [b/w So Much For Love] 1966
  • Ogledala “Priča” [Ogledala] 2008
    • Recorded in 1984
  • Johnny And The Copycats “The Pain Of Love” [b/w Start Thinking About Me] 1968
  • Nervus Rex “Don’t Look” [b/w Love Affair] 1979


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