Destination Zero

If you know what you’re in for, then get hype. If not, buckle up, buttercup, because Esoteria is coming at you!

Songs Played

  • The Dartells ” Clap Your Hands” [b/w Where Do We Stand?] 1965
  • Dada “If I’m Blind” [Thats Dada] 1982
    • No, not the band who sang “I’m Going to Dizz Knee Land”, this one was Canadian and this was their sole release.
  • All Trouveé “Darling” [b/w Darling (Instrumental)] 1985
  • The Gold Nuggets “Gold Dollar” [7″ Single] 1965
  • The Eternals “Night Fright” [Night And Day] 1982
  • Gloria Henson “Rovin’ Girl” [b/w Riches To Rags] 1955
  • Churchmice “College Psychology On Love” [b/w Babe We’re Not Part Of Society] 1965
    • Definitely on the short list of First Punk Song Ever. Even the cover looks appropriate.
  • Fredo Dora “Fredo Dora Theme” [b/w Monja] 1987
  • The Abstract Sound “Blacked Out Mind” [b/w I’m Trying] 1967
  • éVoid “Taximan” [b/w Inda-Inda-Indaba] 1983
  • Shîtan “Disco Shîtan” [Disco Shîtan] 1977
    • How amazing is that cover? I want a t-shirt of it.
  • Geri Baird “Backside Of The Desert” [Cool Age] 1980
    • This Canadian record is listed as both Disco and Gospel on Discogs, which I think is the first time I’ve seen that.
  • Ronald Koal And The Trillionaires “Destination Zero” [Little Pig] 1982
    • From Columbus, OH.
  • Chuck Stephens “Girl, I Want To Make Love To You” [b/w Let’s Get Nasty] 1975
  • Radiance “Snake It / Break It” [Pick-N-Choose] 1985
  • Battiato “Centro Di Gravità Permanente” [b/w Summer On A Solitary Beach] 1981
  • Funk Masters “Love Money” [b/w Bo Kool “(Money) No Love”] 1980
  • Mr. T “Treat Your Mother Right” [b/w Be Somebody] 1984
  • Axel Bauer ” Cargo” [b/w Cargo (Re-Mix)] 1983
  • The Attractions “La•La•La•La•La Loved You” [Mad About The Wrong Boy] 1980
    • I guess the Attractions recorded an album without Elvis Costello. Huh.
  • Rock City Band “The Girl Who Loved Jack Daniels” [b/w Thoughtless Woman] 1972
  • The Revolvers “Like Me” [When You Were Mine] 1967
  • Roy Esser “Can I Pawn My Teeth to You” [b/w Man Do I Like Friday] Year Unknown
    • A deep research dive into this very odd record can be found here.
  • The Underground Set “Arcipelago” [b/w Orchestra Gian Piero Reverberi “La Filibusta”] 1970
  • Eddie Quansah “Make The Best Of What You Got” [My Star Will Shine] 1979
  • The Citizen Band “A Lincoln And A King” [A Lincoln And A King] 1981
  • The Accent “Red Sky At Night” [b/w Wind Of Change] 1967

And finally, the video I ended on is this:

A listener on Discord discovered it was from a 1985 ABC documentary on nuclear power. Read more about it here.


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