No More Running Around

Join me today for…(checks setlist)…a lot of obscure funk, new wave, psych rock, lounge, disco, and some other genres I’m not sure of. I also have a ton of album covers in this post because so many of them were so good.

Songs Played

  • Shan Miles “Soul People” [b/w Soul People – Part II] 1967
  • Mc Lane Explosion “Pulstar” [Pulstar] 1978
  • Dave Anthony “Popsie” [Popsie] 1970
  • Anne Marie And The Pistons “Private World” [b/w Confidential Chat] 1980
  • ペドロ&カプリシャス “夜のカーニバル (Yoru No Carnival)” [別れの朝] 1971
  • Contact “Computer Games” [b/w Schwarze Madonna] 1986
  • Bedlam Four “Hydrogen Atom (Or Mushrooms Are In)” [b/w Watch It Baby] 1967
  • Malibu Limousine “Aimer D’Amour (Vocal)” [b/w Aimer D’Amour (Instrumental)] 1978
  • Stidljiva Ljubičica “Osvrni Se Na Mene” [Osvrni Se Na Mene] 1981
  • Paul Leader With H. B. Barnum’s Circats “The Devils Pad” [b/w Lizzie] 1959
  • Morgan Freeman “Vincent the Vegetable Vampire” [The Electric Company] Year Unknown, but sometime in the 70s of course
  • Secret Service “Oh Susie” [b/w Give Me Your Love] 1979
  • The Lamp Of Childhood “No More Running Around” [b/w Two O’Clock Morning] 1967
I have no idea how I somehow picked a cover of a song I already had in my playlist. Hail Discordia!
  • Kevin “Oh Suzy” [b/w L’Etranger] 1983
  • The Soultons “Cloud Nine” [b/w Proud Mary] 1970
  • The Exotics “Boogaloo Investigator” [b/w I’m Gonna Never Stop Loving You] 1967
  • Flesh & Fell “Emma” [b/w La-Vi-Va] 1986
  • Counterforce “Tombalali” [Different Style] 1992
  • M.U.5 “Mrs. Watson” [b/w Rain-Dance] 1972
  • 麻里 圭子とリオ・アルマ “裸足のままで” [Unknown] Year Unknown
    • I really need a translator on staff whose name isn’t Google.
  • Methods Of Dance “Motion Of Heart (Vocal)” [First] 1983
  • Gin & Tonic “Fotofinish” [b/w Hi-fi] 1981
  • The Muzix “”Hope” Keep A Comin'” [b/w The Wanderer’s Goin’ Home] 1968
  • Robot “Starting Now” [A Discomedy] 1977
  • Sandy Samuel “(I Like) Sado-Music (Part One)” [ (I Like) Sado-Music (Part One & Two)] 1980
  • Dave “Baby” Cortez “Tweetie Pie” [b/w Things Ain’t What They Used To Be] 1965
  • Christof Glowalla “Erde 80” [b/w Technik] 1980
  • Roosevelt Matthews With Billy Ball & The Upsetters “You Got Me Diggin’ You” [b/w Tighten Up] 1968
  • The T.S.U. Toronadoes ” A Thousand Wonders ” [b/w The Toronado] 1967
  • Thrust “Can’t Wait To Get To You (Vocal)” [Can’t Wait To Get To You] 1982


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