Every Day Without You

75% music, 25% chaos. Music from everywhere, from everywhen. Come at me, bro.

Songs Played

  • Maxine Thomas “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” [Roots (The Rock And Roll Sound Of Louisiana And Mississippi)] 1965
  • Les Loups Noirs “Pele Rein” [Jouent Pour Vous] 1970
  • Frank Hatchett “Break Out” [I’ve Got It!] Year Unknown
  • Spray Orchestra “Transilvania” [b/w Con Te] 1982
  • The Primates “Knock On My Door” [b/w She] 1965
  • Robert Sandrini “Occhi Su Di Me” [b/w Eyes Without A Face] 1984
  • Anne Veski Ja Nemo “Ajaproov” [Tähtede Regatt: Eesti Popmuusika Kullafondist 1977-1987] 2005
  • Greg Farmer And Company Featuring Anna Louise “More Than a Woman” [Presenting Greg Farmer And Company Featuring Anna Louise] 1978
  • Heavenly “I Fell In Love Last Night” [b/w Over And Over] 1990
  • Premiers “Are You Alright Pt. I (Well Yeah)” [b/w Are You Alright Pt II] 1962
  • ザ・ディメンション “夜明けの海 ” [b/w ベイビー・ベイビー] 1979
  • Claudia Versiani “Unha E Dente” [Onde O Vento Faz A Curva / Molambo / Unha E Dente / Bolero Português] 1978
  • The Spliffs “I Know A Girl” [You Know What They’ll Say] 1986
  • Gene Ferrari “Get Ready” [Welcome To My World] Year Unknown
  • Tandem “Ein Typ Wie Du” [b/w Ud Eiw Pyt Nie] 1982
  • Rockers Revenge Featuring Donnie Calvin “Sunshine, Partytime (Rap)” [b/w Dubbing In Sunshine] 1982
  • Jay Molina “Main Title Hard Ticket To Hawaii” [Hard Ticket To Hawaii] 2021
  • Cécil Wary “Tension Pour Flûtes” [The Stress] Year Unknown
  • The Lucy Show “Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)” [b/w The White Space] 1985
  • The Collectors “Teletype Click” [Grass And Wild Strawberries] 1969
  • Ekkehard Sander Septett “Erzähl mir von dir” [b/w Alle Wege …] 1972
  • Corvasce E Rosciglione “Soul Nanygo” [Con Brio] Year Unknown
  • Wendy “You Don’t Love Me No More” [b/w Mama Didn’t Lie] 1966
  • Midnight Shift “Every Day Without You” [b/w Just Another Day] Year Unknown
  • Trevor Herion “Love Chains (Instrumental)” [b/w Love Chains (Full Version)] 1983
  • X’Lents “Psychedelia” [Simla Beat 70] 1970
  • Flexi Cowboys “Domination (Extended Version)” [b/w Domination (Instrumental Version)] 1985
  • Bruno Castiglia E I Bisonti “Lucille” [Portami Tante Rose] 1966
  • Archie Ulm “The Hustle” [At The Yamaha EX-42] 1976


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