Those In Peril

Hello out there! I am pleased to inform you that once again I will be gracing the airwaves with my soothing voice and less soothing selections culled from the dustiest record bins from around the world!

Songs Played

  • ADC Band “So Good” [b/w Give It Up] 1982
  • China Shop “Kowtow” [Atomic Notions] 1981
  • Moses Tyson “This Kind Of Music” [b/w There’s A Difference] 1982
  • The Flat Earth “Call On Me ” [b/w The Twelfth Of Never] 1968
  • Nico “Voglio di Piu” [Nico] Year Unknown
  • Tom Cameron “Balsa” [Music To Wash Dishes By] 1982
  • Angie And The Chicklettes “Tommy” [b/w Treat Him Tender, Maureen (Now That Ringo Belongs To You)] 1965
  • Sundray Tucker “If It Was Me” [b/w Ask Millie] 1981
  • ボルテイジ (The Voltage) “汐鳴りの幻想 (Shionari No Genso)” [R&B Big Hit] 2011
    • Compilation released in 2011, probably originally recorded around 1968
  • Opal Butterfly “You’re A Groupie Girl” [b/w Gigging Song] 1970
    • Lemmy was in this band! (though he never recorded with them)
  • Duhovna Pastva “A Gdje Sam Bio” [Gdje Sam Bio? (Where I Was?)] Year Unknown
    • Finding info on Soviet-era Yugoslavian bands is surprisingly difficult.
  • Sam And Bob & The Soulmen Featuring Doris Badie ” Since You’ve Been Gone” [Mississippi Mud] 1971
  • Tango Echo Delta Delta “Those In Peril” [b/w Lately] 1981
  • Ogo “Marijuana” [Tofing] Year Unknown
    • Actually a cover of “Okie From Muskogee” believe it or not.
  • Hank Farrell And His Rythm Boys “Bad Boy” [b/w Chinese Twist] Year Unknown
  • Fancy “Flames Of Love (Radio Version)” [Flames Of Love] 1988
  • Jardine “Masochists Of Strangulation” [Look In The Window…] 2008
    • Compilation released in 2008, probably originally recorded around 1968-1969.
  • Dar-Rell Stickland “Matrimony (Vocal)” [b/w Matrimony (Instrumental)] 1990
  • Giovanni Tommaso “Strong Beat” [Indefinitive Atmosphere] 1970
  • The Flowers “Ballad Of Miss Demeanour” [Ballad Of Miss Demeanour] 1980
  • Nat Surel “Etranger De L’espace” [b/w Quelque Part Dans Tes Yeux] 1989
  • Los 5 Diablos “El Fuego ” [El Fuego] 1967
  • London PX “Arnold Layne” [b/w Indian Summer] 1982
  • Omar Farouk “Mash Carnaval” [Mash Carnaval – Man From Afi Vol. 1] Year Unknown
  • Magic And Moonlite “Boogie Man” [Volume One]Year Unknown
  • Sundance “I’m Sorry, I Ran All The Way Home” [At The Sandpiper] 1981
  • Cybotron “Cosmic Cars” [b/w The Line] 1982


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