Don’t Say I’m Here

Lost songs, forgotten songs, songs that never had a chance. Esoteria never forgets!

Songs Played

  • Ris “Love-N-Music” [b/w Love-N-Music (Instrumental)] 1983
  • 20/20 “Nuclear Boy” [Look Out!] 1981
  • Katunga “Mira Para Arriba, Mira Para Abajo” [Mira Para Arriba, Mira Para Abajo] 1973
  • The Ramblers “Devil Train” [b/w Rambling] 1960
  • サボテン “エメラルドの山彦” [Saboten] 1982
  • Rhythm Heritage “Caravan” [b/w Baretta’s Theme] 1986
  • Cat “Slap Dance” [b/w The Ice Cream Man] Year Unknown
  • Kirlian Camera “Blue Room” [Blue Room] 1985
  • Aurora “Tim’s Song” [b/w The Love We Gave] 1977
  • Chicory Tip “What’s Your Name” [b/w Memory] 1982
  • The Green Vale School Glee Club and Band “Where to Now, St. Peter” [Live] Year Unknown
  • Balboa “Writer And The Artist” [Live Like This] 1980
  • Edy Star “Aqui É Quente, Bicho” [b/w Matilda (Matilda, Matilda)] 1970
  • Lou Champagne System “Don’t Say I’m Here” [No Visible Means] 1984
  • Voyage ” Love You Dancer” [b/w I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again] 1980
  • Geo “Girl From Another World” [b/w Keep Away] 1983
  • Pancho Villa & The Bandits “Ain’t That Bad” [b/w Progress] 1963
  • Mike Tingley “A Real Fine Time” [The Abstract Prince] 1968
  • Mark III Trio “G’wan (Go On)” [b/w Good Grease] 1966
  • Break Machine “Street Dance (Vocal)” [b/w Street Dance (Instrumental)] 1983
  • Mirrors “Shirley” [b/w She Smiled Wild] 1977
  • Rodrigue “Copa Cabana” [b/w Copa Cabana (Version Instrumentale)] 1978
  • The Dorsets “Pork Chops” [b/w Cool It] 1965
  • Lyon In Winter “The Haunting Moon” [As Winter Falls] 1986
  • Two Man Sound “Vini-Vini” [b/w Mama Tumba] 1973
  • The Sound Of Criss Cross “Sonate XV” [Synthetizer-Experience] 1972
  • Evelyn Graves Drama Assn. Massed Choir “We Came To Magnify The Lord” [Show Down] 1983
  • Amadeo “Sex Appeal” [b/w Dance The Funky Boogie] 1977


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