Save the Fire

Songs Played

  • Funka Fize “Because You’re Funky” [b/w No Words]
  • Die Doraus Und Die Marinas “Tulpen Und Narzissen” [Blumen Und Narzissen]
  • Maya Casabianca “El Matador” [b/w San Marino]
  • The Patron Saints “Flower” [Fohhoh Bohob]
  • Paul Brookes “Stardancer” [b/w Time Lord]
  • The Winstons “Amen, Brother” [b/w Color Him Father]
  • The Cousins “Kili Watch” [Kili-Watch]
  • Osamu Kitajima “Benzaiten (God Of Music And Water)” [Benzaiten]
  • Marching Girls “True Love” [1]
  • Johnny Duncan And The Blue Grass Boys “My Lucky Love” [b/w Geisha Girl]
  • Sapho “Mecanique” [Sapho]
  • impLOG. “Breakfast” [b/w She Creatures]
  • The Gaturs “Wasted” [b/w Gator Bait]
  • Mighty Baby “Egyptian Tomb” [Mighty Baby]
  • Giusy Ravizza “Save The Fire (Vocal)” [b/w Save The Fire (Instrumental Version)]
  • Talking Drums “Courage” [Courage]
  • Pearly Queen “Quit Jive’ In” [b/w Jungle Walk]
  • Patrick Samson Set “Sono Un Uomo (I’m A Man)” [b/w Io E Il Tempo]
  • Rino Gaetano “Nuntereggae PiĆ¹” [b/w E Cantava Le Canzoni]
  • Local Heroes S.W.9 “Hidden Meaning” [Drip Dry Zone]
  • Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs “Wishing” [Sensational Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs]
  • The Q.R.S. Complex “Advice” [b/w J.T.]
  • Kuruki “Crocodile Tears” [b/w W.S. Remake]
  • Mayflower “I Believe In Love” [b/w Some Day Soon]
  • Car Crash Set “Outsider” [Two Songs]
  • Riccardo Cioni & D.J.F.T. Band “In America (Extended Version)” [In America]


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