Discord Dance

Songs Played

  • Machinations “Pressure Sway” [b/w Push Bike]
  • Hilly Michaels “Assembly Line” [Lumia]
  • Earl Grant “The End” [The End]
  • Jimmy Jones “Time and Changes” [b/w Ain’t Nothing Wrong Makin’ Love]
  • Brenda & The Rattlesnakes “I’m Bored” [b/w We’re Okay]
  • Denny Regrade “Kick Off Your Shoes” [b/w Just Survivin]
  • Gay Cat Park “I’m A Vocoder (Vocal)” [b/w I’m A Vocoder (Instrumental)]
  • Robert Maxwell “Hindustan” [b/w Bubble, Bubble, Bubble]
  • The Trademarks “She Knows” [b/w Prisoner Of Your Eyes]
  • Tau Ea Lesotho “Nyatsi Tloha Pela’ka” [Nyatsi Tloha Pela’ka]
  • Lou Courtney “Hey Joyce” [b/w I’m Mad About You]
  • Humdrum “Tooza” [b/w 79]Grup Bunalım “Yeter Artık Kadın” [b/w Taş Var Köpek Yok]
  • Mystery Plane “Road Movie” [Curse Of The Bodysnatcher]
  • Blue Rivers & His Maroons “Take It Or Leave It” [b/w I’ve Been Pushed Around]
  • Toyah “Ieya” [The Blue Meaning]
  • Easy Going “Fear” [Fear]
  • Rocky Roberts & The Airedales “Can’t Ask No More” [Sabato Sera]
  • Wendell Tracy His Orchestra And Piano “Moonlight In Hindustan” [b/w Little Angels Lullaby]
  • The Atrix “Procession” [b/w The Eleventh Hour]
  • Little Joe Cook “Doodle Pickle” [b/w I’m Falling In Love With You Baby]
  • Club 42 “Deadmen” [b/w The Runners]
  • Werner Muller And His Orchestra “La Cumparsita” [b/w Tango Desire]
  • Peter Richard “Strange Desires” [b/w Strange Desires (Instrumental)]
  • P1/E ‎ “49 Second Romance” [b/w Dependence]
  • Drinking Electricity “Discord Dance” [Overload]
  • The Onits “Weekend Wrestler” [b/w Gamma Rays]
  • Stratis “Technotown” [New Face]


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